When to Replace Your Air Conditioner: 3 Rules Of Thumb

air conditioner replacement

“Is it time to replace my air conditioner?” This is a question that plagues many homeowners. Air conditioners, unlike some other household items, don’t just stop working overnight. Instead, they degrade slowly, leaving you in a grey area about when exactly to invest in a new unit. To help the decision-making, rules like ‘replace it … Read more

What’s the Best Space Heater Brand?

There are hundreds of different space heater brands, ranging from Honeywell and Vornado to Dyson, DeLonghi, Dr. Infrared, and Mr Heater to many more. If you’re looking to get your first space heater, all these choices can be confusing. My goal with this article is to find out what the best space heater brand is. … Read more

Electric Fireplace Not Working: Tried & Tested Fixes

electric fireplace disassembled open back side motor exposed-min

Your electric fireplace is not working? In this article, we’ll try to get your heater working again. Recently, I’ve been writing several in-depth articles on heater repairs. And the issues in electric heaters are always the same. Usually, it’s either a power supply issue, a thermostat issue, or a blown part in the electronics. Electric … Read more

Are Electric Fireplaces Energy Efficient?

electric fireplace free standing

Are electric fireplaces energy efficient? The first statement I see when I google for electric fireplace efficiency is that electric fireplaces have 100% efficiency. Sounds quite good, right? Not quite… These statements about efficiencies are always misleading unless you know the physics of electric fireplaces precisely. In this article, I am going to show you … Read more

Do Infrared Heaters Heat the Air?

infrared heater front view

Do infrared heaters heat the air? Or do they magically radiate heat through the air? “Infrared heaters don’t heat the air” is the single most common infrared heater myth. Since I started writing for this website, I’ve read it everywhere. Just for fun and giggles, I googled “Do infrared heaters heat the air?” and the … Read more