How to fix a Dyna-Glo Heater not lighting

dyna-glo natural gas propane heater ventless wall-mounted

Only a few parts can cause a Dyna-Glo heater not lighting. Typically, they are the parts that ignite and measure the pilot light. Luckily, a Dyna-Glo heater not lighting is usually easy to fix. Let’s look at all the possible problems and how you can fix them. How to fix a Dyna-Glo heater not lighting … Read more

How to fix a Vornado Heater not working

vornado space heater repair

Your Vornado Heater is not working and you don’t know why? In this article, we’re going to check everything you can do to fix it. Unfortunately, the official Vornado website is not helpful at all. All you get is a “troubleshooting” document that tells you to turn the heater off and on. Not helpful at … Read more

Best Vented Propane Heater without Electricity

mr heater buddy heater outdoor

You are looking for a vented propane heater that does not use electricity? Unfortunately, they don’t exist. In this article, I am going to explain to you why you can’t find a vented propane heater that does not use electricity (for off-grid heating) anywhere. And then, we’re going to check what you can do about … Read more

How long does a 20lb Propane Tank last?

propane bottle with connected hose

How long a 20lb propane tank lasts depends on the heater you use with it. Depending on how much you use your propane tank, the tank can empty in one day, or in a month. In this article, we’re going to check all the different possible durations. You just have to look up your heater’s … Read more

How to fix a Honeywell Space Heater not working

honeywell space heater repair how to fix

Your Honeywell space heater is not working? In this article, we’re troubleshooting and fixing your Honeywell space heater using just a few targeted questions. This article covers all of the most-used Honeywell space heaters, including the Honeywell tower space heaters (Slim and HeatGenius) and the smaller Honeywell heaters (the 360-degree and UberHeat).  Don’t worry if … Read more