Can You Run a Wood Stove Pipe through a Window?

Can you run a wood stove pipe through a window?  A wood stove pipe connects the chimney to the stove, and it’s meant to exhaust fumes out of your home. But what if your house or RV doesn’t have a chimney? Quick answer: Yes, you can run a wood stove pipe through a window by … Read more

Can you run two Portable ACs at once?

can you run two portable ACs at once

Running two portable air conditioners simultaneously on the same circuit is not a good practice, as it will increase energy consumption or may trip your circuit breaker. But still, if you want to run two portable ACs simultaneously, I’ll show you whether you can do it or not.  Also, I’ll tell you an alternative to … Read more

Where to Place an Infrared Heater? (3 Example Placements)

What’s the best place to put your space heater? In the corners? Or in the middle of the room? In this article, we’re going to check different space heater placements and how they affect your heater’s efficiency. Quick answer: You should place your space heater facing toward the center of the room or the area … Read more

Can you use a Space Heater for a Sauna?

use space heater in sauna

Can you use a space heater as a heat source for your sauna? Yes! In this article, I am going to tell you exactly what you have to do and what you should consider. Quick answer: Yes, you can use space heaters to heat a sauna. However, you either have to use two electric space … Read more

Do Heat Pumps dry the air?

do heat pumps dry the air

Do heat pumps dry the air? In this article, we’re going to check if a heat pump will dehumidify your room’s air (Spoiler: They don’t, but the air feels dryer). And then, we’re going to check how you can keep your room’s humidity at a comfortable level. Quick answer: No, heat pumps do not dry … Read more