Window AC making Noise (9 Fixes)

window AC at bottom of window

Your window AC is making noise? In this article, we’ll cover all the different noise types in window ACs. For each noise, we check whether it is dangerous, the cause for the noise, and, of course, how to fix it (if necessary). Quick answer: Window AC noises are usually not dangerous. But scratching, whistling or … Read more

Blue Flame vs Infrared Heater: Which is better?

mr heater propane heater running closeup

Are blue flame or infrared heaters better? The answer is: Blue flame and infrared heaters are almost the same. Together, we’re going to myth bust blue flame and infrared heater differences. And after reading this article, you know exactly which heater to pick. Quick answer: Technically, infrared heaters are better than blue flame heaters since … Read more

What is the safest Propane Heater?

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What is the safest propane heater? When it comes to propane heater safety, everybody is claiming different things. In this article, I am going to uncover propane heater safety myths and tell you only the facts that everybody agrees on. For an experiment, I bought a propane heater, and actually tried to burn things. And … Read more

Are Mr. Heaters safe in a tent? (Fact checked)

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Are Mr. Heaters safe to use in a tent? Many use Mr. Heater Buddys (and other models) as their primary outdoor heat source. They are great in cabins, RVs, and in workshops. But can you use a Mr. Heater in your tent? In this article, we will check whether Mr. Heaters can ignite or melt … Read more

Are Mr. Heaters any good? (Critical Review)

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Are Mr. Heater Buddy heaters any good? Everybody recommends Mr. Heaters all the time. So, I bought one. Together we will have a look at how good they really are. I am going to be extra critical in this article and pay attention to all the fine-grained details that other websites leave out. Let’s uncover … Read more