How to Remove Smell in a Portable AC

how to remove portable ac smell

How to remove smell in a portable AC? Quick answer: The only way to remove smell from a portable AC is to open it up and clean the components. You may have to identify where the smell is emanating from and what’s causing it, but it’s safer to clean and deodorize the entire appliance regularly. … Read more

Can you use a Portable AC when it’s Smoky outside?

can you use a portable ac when smoky outside

You can only use some portable ACs when it’s smoky outside, whether that’s because of wildfires or due to an industrial area nearby. In this article, we’re going to check which air conditioners are OK to be used and which aren’t. Quick answer: You should not use a single-hose portable AC when it’s smoky outside. … Read more

How to Heat a Cabin without Electricity (5 Methods)

how to heat a cabin without electricity

To heat a cabin without electricity, your best options are wood or propane gas.  Quick answer: The best way to heat a cabin without electricity is a wood-burning stove or a propane heater. Both wood and propane gas provide lots of heat at a low cost. Heating with wood minimizes your dependency on anyone since … Read more

Which Air Conditioner Type is Best for a Garage? (1,2,3,4 cars)

which air conditioner type is best for garage

Mini-split ACs are the best air conditioner type for garages. In this article, we’re checking three different air conditioner types: portable, window, and split ACs. For a garage, you should not shortcut your air conditioning. Here’s why: Quick answer: Mini-split ACs are the best type of air conditioner for garages. They provide enough cooling power, … Read more

How to Vent a Portable AC Without a Window?

how to vent a portable ac in a room without a window

Using a window to vent your portable air conditioner is the simplest method, but not every room in your home has access to a window. Although it could be demanding and difficult, employing an alternative to vent your air conditioner is not impossible. Quick answer: You can vent a portable air conditioner without a window … Read more