Can you run a Space Heater off a Generator?

can you run a space heater off a generator

You want to run a space heater off a generator? Here’s everything you need to know about powering space heaters with generators and what you need to consider to stay safe! Additionally, we’ll cover whether it makes sense to use generators to power space heaters and I’ll show you some handy alternatives (that might work … Read more

What Space Heaters are Safe for Birds?

what space heaters are safe for birds?

What space heaters are safe for birds? This article contains everything you need to know to choose the right space heater for your bird as well as safety tips to make sure your bird stays happy. After reading this, you’ll know exactly which kind of space heater you should get for your bird and I’ve … Read more

Infrared vs. Radiant Heaters: Are they the same?

infrared or radiant heaters - are they the same?

Are infrared heaters and radiant heaters the same or is there a difference? If there’s a difference: Which one is better? This is actually a topic that confuses lots of people. Even though I am an electrical engineer I was sitting in front of my screen thinking: “Is there even a difference between infrared and … Read more

Can I use an Extension Cord with a Space Heater?


Here’s everything you need to know about whether you can use an extension cord with your space heater. You should treat space heaters with special caution when it comes to installing them in your house. If you need an extension cord, for example, you have to spend additional attention to some safety aspects. In this … Read more