13 Ways to Improve Wood Stove Efficiency

Is your wood-burning stove not producing enough heat? Or does it consume too much firewood? Quick answer: To improve your wood stove’s efficiency, use a firewood holder, use properly dried wood, and keep the chimney and the airways clean. Additionally, you can install a wood stove insert or a reflective wall heat shield. How to … Read more

Do Space Heaters Save Money?

space heaters electricity cost money

Do space heaters save you money? And if yes, how? Space heaters use a lot of electricity. Nevertheless, you can use them to increase your home’s heating efficiency. In this article, we are going to cover how you can cut your heating bill using space heaters! Quick answer: Space heaters save you at least $162 … Read more

How to make a Portable Air Conditioner More Efficient?

how to make a portable air conditioner more efficient

How to make a portable air conditioner more efficient? Portable air conditioners can turn into a money drain if you don’t use them properly. This article is all about helping you to make sure that you are running your portable air conditioner at the highest efficiency. After reading this, you’ll know exactly what to do … Read more