How to Use a Diesel Heater Indoors: The Complete Guide

diesel heater hot air exhaust

You can use a diesel heater indoors, in your house, in a garage, shed, or workshop. All you need is a reliable, weatherproof diesel heater setup. Diesel heaters can make great emergency heaters. With just a car battery and some diesel, you can heat your home in case of an electricity outage. Or, for tiny … Read more

Space Heaters Over 1,500 Watts (Electric, Gas)

dyna-glo powerful 15000 watts electric space heater

Space heaters are usually limited to 1,500 Watts. Especially in the US. That’s because US home circuits are laid out to supply 120 Volts. Combined with a 15 Ampere fuse, that corresponds to a maximum power consumption of 120 Volts × 15 Amps = 1,800 Watts So, the average US household circuit can support 1,800 … Read more

How many Amps does a Diesel Heater use?

diesel heater amps volts multimeter measurement

I did an experiment, measuring the amperage of my diesel heater. This post is about the results. When you look for diesel heater amperages online, you don’t get any good answers. One website I found said that “diesel heater draws 1 amp per hour”. As an electrical engineer, hearing this hurts my brain. Severely. That’s … Read more

4 Best Fanless Heaters

infrared heater front view

Fanless heaters have several advantages when compared to regular electric space heaters: Based on these findings, we can already tell that maintenance-wise and technology-wise, fanless heaters are superior to most other electric space heaters. Technically, they are flawless. Or are they? In this article, we’re having a look at 4 of the best fanless electric … Read more

Diesel Heater E08 Error Code: How to Fix It

diesel heater e08 error code

Your (chinese) diesel heater shows an E08 error code? No problem. The E08 error code is usually simple to fix requires no tools and no disassembly, and takes under 5 minutes. In this article, we’re having a look at the most common reasons and fixes for the E08 error. If you follow this article closely, … Read more