Evaporative Cooler not turning on (7 Fixes)

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Your evaporative cooler is not turning on? In this article, you’re getting a complete list of things you should inspect before you declare your evaporative cooler dead. We’re going to check the most common issues and their fixes. And along the way, you’re going to learn a bunch about the inner workings of your cooler. … Read more

Swamp Cooler not Blowing Cold Air (8 Fixes)

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Your swamp cooler is not blowing cold air? In this article, I guide you through fixing your swamp cooler. To do that, we’re going to check the different possible reasons why your swamp cooler is not blowing cold air. For each cause, I list a way to test for this cause and one or more … Read more

Swamp Cooler making Noise (7 Fixes)

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Your swamp cooler is making noise? In this article, we’re going to cover the most common noise types, including humming, screeching, buzzing, and more. For each noise, you’re going to learn where it comes from and how you can fix it. Quick answer: Swamp coolers often make humming, gurgling and crackling noises. These are expected. … Read more

Window AC making Noise (9 Fixes)

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Your window AC is making noise? In this article, we’ll cover all the different noise types in window ACs. For each noise, we check whether it is dangerous, the cause for the noise, and, of course, how to fix it (if necessary). Quick answer: Window AC noises are usually not dangerous. But scratching, whistling or … Read more

Dyson Fan not Rotating (5 Fixes)

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It’s frustrating to find out that your Dyson fan is no longer rotating. Obviously, how would you circulate the air in your room without this feature?  Your Dyson fan may have stopped oscillating for several reasons. And usually, the issue is relatively easy to fix. Therefore, I will share with you the most common reasons … Read more