Dyson F2 Error Code: How to Fix It

dyson f2 error code

The F2 error code on Dyson fans is simple to fix once you know what causes it. Interestingly, Dyson doesn’t seem to know what causes the error. I do. Here’s the reason for your Dyson fan showing the F2 error: The F2 error is comparably rare because it is related to internal friction inside the … Read more

When to Replace Your Air Conditioner: 3 Rules Of Thumb

air conditioner replacement

“Is it time to replace my air conditioner?” This is a question that plagues many homeowners. Air conditioners, unlike some other household items, don’t just stop working overnight. Instead, they degrade slowly, leaving you in a grey area about when exactly to invest in a new unit. To help the decision-making, rules like ‘replace it … Read more

Are Vornado Fans Worth It? (Vortex Power or Marketing Hoax?)

vornado floor fans different sizes

Are Vornado fans worth it? In this article, we’re going to check how well Vornado fans really perform and whether they are worth the money. Hi, I am Daniel! I am an electrical engineer and I investigate electric devices in-depth. I don’t care about the Vornado brand and I am not affiliated with it. So, … Read more

Are Tower Fans better than Pedestal Fans? (Answer: NO)

tower fan vs pedestal fan

Are tower fans better than pedestal fans? Just recently, I noticed tower fans are trending. But what are the differences between tower fans and pedestal fans? Are they better in any way? And what makes them so popular? In this article, we’re going to take a dive into understanding tower fans and their purpose. After … Read more

Dyson Fan not Cooling (5 Fixes)

dyson hot cool fans air purifier

A Dyson fan not cooling (anymore) can be very frustrating. After all, Dyson fans are not cheap. In this article, we’re going to have a quick look at the 5 most common issues with a Dyson fan not cooling. Quick answer: A Dyson fan is usually not cooling because of blocked airways (air filter, air … Read more