Dyson Drip Tray Overflow Error: How to Fix It

Symptom: Dyson Humidify+Cool shows a “Drip Tray Overflow” error after activating humidification. 

The Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool is a combined humidifier, air purifier, and fan. When it works, it’s great. But the Humidify+Cool units encounter errors much more frequently than other Dyson fans, since they work with water.

The “Drip Tray Overflow” error is a common issue in Dyson Humidify+Cool fans that affects the device’s humidifying functionality.

In this article, we’re having a look at what the error means, where it comes from, and how to fix it.

Error Explanation: What Does Dyson’s Drip Tray Overflow Error Mean?

What is a Drip Tray?

A drip tray is a component commonly found in humidifiers. In the context of a device like the Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool, the drip tray serves a specific function related to the machine’s operation:

  • Functionality: In the Dyson Humidify+Cool, the drip tray collects water dripping from the evaporator.
  • Location: The drip tray is usually located beneath the evaporator or the area where condensation is most likely to occur. It’s strategically placed to catch any drips or condensation efficiently.
  • Importance: The drip tray is essential for the proper and safe functioning of the humidifier. It helps in managing water inside the device, ensuring that the humidity is released into the air without causing internal water accumulation, which could lead to issues like mold growth or electrical problems.
  • Overflow Issues: If the drip tray becomes full or clogged, it can lead to an overflow, where the collected water exceeds the capacity of the tray and potentially spills over. This triggers the “Drip Tray Overflow” error in your Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool, indicating that attention is needed to resolve the issue.

How does a Dyson Humidify+Cool Catch the Error?

Dyson Humidify+Cool fans contain an “evaporator tray sensor” that constantly measures the water level of the drip tray.

If water reaches the sensor, it raises the drip tray overflow error.

How Severe is the Error?

Usually, drip tray overflows can be fixed by emptying / drying the drip tray. The error, when caught and fixed early, does not harm your Dyson humidifier.

It is not a severe error, but it requires immediate action.

How to Fix the Drip Tray Overflow Error

Fixing the drip tray overflow error is usually simple and requires no tools. Here’s what to do:

1. Perform a Deep Clean Cycle

First, perform a Deep Clean Cycle. During a deep clean cycle, your Dyson humidifier carries out self-maintenance that helps resolve the drip tray overflow error.

dyson deep clean cycle instructions
You can find deep clean cycle instructions on the tank lid.

Normally, your Humidify+Cool fan prompts you to perform deep clean cycles in regular intervals. But you don’t have to wait.

To manually initiate a deep clean cycle, quickly press the deep clean cycle button three times in a row.

Then, follow the usual deep clean cycle procedure.

After the deep clean cycle completes (which usually takes 1 hour), run your Dyson Humidify+Cool and activate the humidification.

Possibly the error is resolved now. If not, continue with the next fix.

2. Dry Drip Tray & Sensor

If the error persists, check the drip tray. First of all, remove the filter shrouds using the release button. This should release the outer covers and automatically open the inner door.

Please note to open the filter area of your Humidify+Cool, using the filter release button, not the water tank release button!

Then, remove the evaporator to be able to access the drip tray. The drip tray is the tray that was hidden below the evaporator.

Now, with a dry sponge or paper towels, thoroughly dry the drip tray. Also, clean any excess water around the drip tray.

Make sure there is no remaining water anywhere around the tray. Also, if you can see the evaporator tray sensor head, make sure that is dry as well.

Now, reassemble your Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool. Turn in on and activate humidification.

It should work now.

If it doesn’t, continue with the next section.

3. Hard Reset the Humidifier

If the drip tray overflow error persists, even though the drip tray is completely dry (as described in the previous section), there might be an issue with the tray sensor.

In a Dyson Humidify+Cool, there are many sensors, several for air quality measurements alone.

When sensors in a Dyson don’t work correctly, oftentimes, a recalibration resolves the issue.

To force a recalibration of the sensors in a Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool, hold the power button on the unit and on the remote simultaneously for 10 seconds.

A countdown animation appears on the LCD screen. Wait for it to countdown and release the power buttons when the animation finishes.

Now, your Dyson humidifier is reset. Switch the info screen to display air quality and temperature measurements. The information is not available for a while, because your humidifier recalibrates itself.

Once the temperature and air quality readings are available, the calibration is successful.

Turn on humidification and see if it works.

If that didn’t resolve the drip tray overflow issue, continue with the next section.

What to Do if You Can’t Fix the Drip Tray Overflow Error?

If neither the deep clean cycle nor thorough drying and recalibration resolve the drip tray overflow error, the error is likely a software issue or permanent damage to a circuit board.

In this case, just get a new Dyson humidifier. I recommend the Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool PH04 (click to see it on amazon).

dyson pure humidify cool ph04

If you’re still within the warranty period (2 years after purchase), contact Dyson’s customer support. They will aid you through similar fixing steps and none of them will work. Then, they’ll conclude it’s best to replace your device and send you a new one.

If you’re outside of warranty, buying a new humidifier is the only option.

You can still sell your broken Dyson Humidify+Cool for a couple of hundred dollars online. Just make sure to declare it as broken and mention the drip tray overflow error.

Then, use the money from your sale and buy a new humidifier.

Maintenance: How to Prevent the Drip Tray Overflow Error in the Future

Once the drip tray overflow error is resolved, or once you have a new unit, you can take the following actionable steps to avoid the drip tray overflow error in the future:

  • Don’t overuse humidification: The evaporator inside your Dyson Humidify+Cool fan can’t evaporate water when humidity levels are high. The water condenses and accumulates in the drip tray, leading to the error.
    Use humidification only when necessary, for example, when you live in dry climate.
  • Don’t use humidification when it’s cold: Humidification doesn’t work when it’s cold. Cold air causes the water to condense and accumulate in the drip tray. When it’s cold, turn on a heater first before you turn on your humidifier. Wait for your room to heat up and only then use the humidifier.
  • Don’t skip deep clean cycles: When deep cleaning is due, take the time and clean your Dyson humidifier. You shouldn’t skip deep clean cycles. Otherwise, minerals build up which stop your humidifier from working properly.


Usually, the drip tray overflow error can be fixed by drying the drip tray (sitting below the evaporator), performing a manual deep clean cycle, and forcing a hard reset.

If these fixes don’t work, likely, the drip tray sensor or the electronic circuitry is faulty.

In this case, either get a new Dyson humidifier or contact Dyson support to resolve the issue with you.

They won’t be able to help much, but if you’re still within warranty, you can get a replacement unit.

To prevent drip tray overflow errors in the future, use the humidification mode only when necessary. Don’t use your Dyson Humidity+Cool when it’s cold. And regularly perform the deep clean cycles when prompted.