Best Industrial Infrared Heaters: Which Manufacturer to Pick?

What are the best industrial infrared heaters? Industrial heating is an ever-present challenge. And to make your infrared heating use-case work, you ought to have the best quality heater.

Otherwise, you’ll waste valuable time replacing, maintaining and repairing heaters.

Today, we’re having a closer look at industrial infrared heaters I recommend and their manufacturers.

Hi, my name is Daniel! I am an electrical engineer, and I’ve been investigating infrared heaters for years! Before that, I worked in an electronics manufacturing plant.

And, if you know this website already, quality is my number 1 priority. I only recommend heaters you can depend on.

Quick answer: The best industrial infrared heater manufacturers are Wattco (best overall), Eurolinia (most precise), and Leister (longest heating elements).

Best Industrial Infrared Heaters

Let’s have a look at my recommended brands for industrial infrared heaters!

1. Best Overall & Customizable: Wattco Radiant Heaters

Industrial infrared heating applications range from merely keeping spaces at a comfortable temperature to actual heating, drying, and processing of production materials.

To me, customizability is, therefore, absolutely critical when picking the right industrial infrared heater. I don’t just want to pick an off-the-rack heater for my production plant.

My personal favorite overall industrial heaters are these infrared heaters from Wattco.

Wattco offers a wide range of customizable radiant heaters that can be tailored to your specific requirements, from size and wattage to voltage specifications.

I really like that you can customize literally anything about a Wattco infrared heater:

  • Terminal housing: You can pick terminal housings with single or double heating elements, an optional protective cage, and a weatherproof casing for outdoor applications.
  • Electrical specification: You can choose infrared heating elements of different wattages, ranging from as low as 500 Watts up to 6,000 Watts, and of different standard voltages, ranging from 120V up to 600V. 
  • Infrared tube & bulb types: You can pick either single or double tubular heating elements, quartz tubing, and a quartz bulb. The type of bulb can impact heat distribution, which is critical for your application. You’ll definitely find something here.

All in all, if you need an infrared heater of high quality that fits your specific needs, usually you can’t go wrong with Wattco. They are already being used and trusted in various industries.

wattco industrial infrared heater
One of Wattco’s full stainless steel infrared heaters

Wattco Infrared Heaters are easy to maintain

And there’s one more thing I noted: Since they are full stainless steel devices, they are relatively easy to clean, which can save time & labor in the long run.

And the infrared heating bulbs are, of course, replaceable.

wattco industrial infrared heating element
Wattco heating elements are simple, sturdy and easy to replace

You can request a quote for Wattco infrared heaters here.

2. Best for Heat Processing & Drying: Eurolinia Infraline Series

For applications where infrared heaters are closely involved with processing materials, Eurolinia infrared heaters are the best choice.

The Eurolinia Infraline Series heaters offer focused, direct heating on specific areas, making them energy-efficient and ideal for precise operations like drying or material processing.

A standout feature is their modular structure, allowing customization to suit various complex systems like tunnel ovens or drying chambers.

Coupled with automatic temperature control through contactless infrared sensors, they ensure optimal heating with minimal deviations from preset temperatures.


It’s generally hard to control infrared heater temperature precisely, because it largely depends on distance from the heater. I did an experiment on infrared heater output temperatures and found a temperature range starting at 100°F (in 3-4 feet distance) increasing to up to 800°F the closer I moved the thermometer to the infrared heating elements.

Eurolinia solves this cleverly by not measuring the temperature of the heating elements or the temperature of the air, but the temperature of the objects leaving the heated zone. And that’s what actually matters.

Eurolinia heaters are the best when you need to be able to temperature precisely.

eurolinia industrial infrared heaters
Eurolinia’s infrared heaters. Downside: They are located overseas.

Keep in mind that shipping and the overall arrangement of an order can take a while because they are located overseas.

3. Longest Reach: Leister’s Krelus Profile Heater

This heater from Leister can extend up to 7 meters, making it perfect for larger spaces that require even heat distribution. 

With a maximum power density of up to 45kW per square meter, they provide lots of power!

So, if you need a long heater that can provide heat evenly over a long distance, Leister is your go-to manufacturer.

For Small Businesses: Off-the-rack Heaters

All these recommendations require you to contact the manufacturer directly, request a quote, and place an order.

For some of you, that might be too much hassle, especially for non-critical applications, such as space heating.

Unfortunately, infrared heaters of industrial strength and quality are very hard to get by. I did a quick search online and found the following:

  • Most offers look shady & low quality
  • There are no industrial-strength infrared heaters available in common online stores

For Small Businesses: Vented Gas Heater for Heating Large Spaces

So, for small businesses, my recommendation is to get a gas-based heater of industrial strength.

My favorite vented gas heater is the Mr. Heater Big Maxx (click here to view it on amazon).

Please note that this model is not an infrared heater.

But it’s great for industrial applications such as heating large workshops and warehouses. So, if you need overall room heat and not directed heat (such as the heat provided by infrared heaters), I recommend getting a vented gas heater instead.

This way, you don’t have to worry about power requirements, and you don’t need to order from the manufacturer directly.

Just hook it up with a gas tank, install a vent through the wall, and start heating. As easy as that.

mr heater big maxx vented gas heater
For heating large spaces, the Mr. Heater Big Maxx is one of my favorites. It’s not an infrared heater, however.

For Small Businesses: Non-industrial Infrared Heater for Directed Heat

If all you need is a regular infrared heater of regular strength, then might just as well get this pedestal infrared heater (click here to view it on amazon).

With 1,500 Watts, it provides enough heat to keep regular-sized rooms warm.

And it is strong enough for some drying applications.

In which case should you pick an Industrial Infrared Heater?

As soon as you rely on infrared heat for processing your production materials, you should invest in proper heating gear.

I highly recommend checking out one of the industrial-grade heater manufacturers mentioned earlier!

Not only will their heaters last a lot longer, but you also get better support, personalized consultations, and much better customizability for your specific needs.


Selecting the right industrial infrared heater is not easy; it requires considering various factors from customizability to specific applications like heat processing and range.

Wattco Radiant Heaters take the crown for their unparalleled customizability, making them suitable for virtually any industrial setting.

Eurolinia’s Infraline Series is your go-to for specialized heat processing and drying tasks, offering precise control and modular design.

For extensive reach in large spaces, you should pick Leister’s industrial infrared heaters.

Small businesses need not feel left out; a vented gas heater like Mr. Heater Big Maxx provides an excellent alternative for general heating needs, while a non-industrial option like the pedestal infrared heater is oftentimes more than enough for smaller-scale directed heating.

I hope this article helped you glance into the world of industrial infrared heaters! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!