Diesel Heater E08 Error Code: How to Fix It

Your (chinese) diesel heater shows an E08 error code? No problem. The E08 error code is usually simple to fix requires no tools and no disassembly, and takes under 5 minutes.

In this article, we’re having a look at the most common reasons and fixes for the E08 error.

If you follow this article closely, you will be able to resolve the error code within the next few minutes.

We’ll keep it simple & easy.

Let’s dive right in.

What does the E08 Error mean?

The E08 error code means that the flame has gone out because your heater does not receive any fuel.

Sometimes, diesel heaters mistakenly interpret an extinguished flame as lack of fuel.

Let’s have a look at how to troubleshoot the E08 error.

How to fix the E08 Error Code

The E08 error shows when your heater does not receive enough / any fuel. This can be either because the fuel tank is empty, or because something prevents the fuel from getting from the tank to your diesel heater.

Let’s have a look at the different cases, starting with the easiest:

1. Refuel Tank / Check for Leaks

The first possible reason is that your fuel tank is empty. When the tank is empty, no fuel can reach the combustion chamber, and your heater displays the E08 error.

How to fix it

Check your fuel tank.

If you recently refilled it, and you discover it empty, check your fuel tank for leaks. If you find one, either seal it or get a new tank.

Also, make sure that the diesel in your tank is not gelling. Diesel fuel turns to a gel when it is cold outside. This can prevent your heater from receiving any fuel. You can prevent gelling by adding anti-gel additive.

diesel winter anti-gel additive hot shots

Once that’s done, refill it, restart the heater, and the E08 error should be gone.

You might have to re-prime the pump. Check your user manual on how to do it.

How to Prime the Pump on a Diesel Heater

If you’re facing an E08 error with your diesel heater, priming the pump can often resolve it. Here’s how to do it on most diesel heater models:

  • Enter Priming Mode: Press “OK” and “Down” together. The display will show “H oF”.
  • Activate Pump: Change “H oF” to “H oN” by pressing “Up”. This starts the priming.
  • Wait for Priming: Let it run for 1-2 minutes until the “H oN” blinks.
  • Turn Off Priming: Switch back to “H oF” and press “OK” to exit.
  • Start Heater: Press the power button to turn on the heater.

If the description doesn’t match your diesel heater, for example, if you have “left” and “right” arrow buttons instead of up and down, check your user manual for how to do it. Or just follow the instructions, but map the button names to fit the buttons on your heater model.

For example: Instead of pressing “OK” and “Down” together, try pressing “OK” and “Right” together, or “OK” and “Left”. You can figure out which buttons on your heater correspond to the buttons in this description. Whatever gets you to the “H oF” screen, is the correct combination.

This process helps clear air from the fuel lines, prepping your heater for efficient operation.

2. Windproof the Heater Exhaust

Diesel heaters are subject to weather changes and they are not completely resistant to wind.

Wind blowing into the exhaust pipe can put out the flame in your diesel heater. The onboard electronics of your heater mistake this for a lack of fuel and display the E08 error code.

How to fix it

First of all, restart your diesel heater and see if it works. If it does, great. If it doesn’t, re-prime it and try again.

Also, consider making your diesel heater more wind-resistant. Place the exhaust pipe orifice of your heater in a way that wind does not easily blow into it.

Or, alternatively, if you don’t want to change your setup, and you’re using your diesel heater in a car, van, or truck, adjust your parking position to make the heater exhaust orifice face away from the wind.

3. Enlarge Hole in Tank Cap

The third possible cause of your heater showing the E08 error code is when your tank is full and no fuel reaches the heater.

This usually happens when pressure builds up in the tank.

When the pump pumps diesel from the tank to the heater, it leaves a negative pressure in the tank.

Usually, a small hole in the tank cap allows air to enter the tank, which equalizes the pressure again.

But if that hole is too small, or it is obstructed, a vacuum builds up in your diesel tank, which prevents the fuel pump from being able to pump diesel.

How to fix it

Take the tank cap off your fuel tank. While unscrewing the tank cap, you should hear a hissing sound from air entering the tank, which indicates that there is a negative pressure buildup inside the tank.

Inspect the tank cap. There should be a small hole in it. Often, there are rubber parts around the cap for leak insulation. Make sure these don’t obstruct the small air hole.

To prevent the issue in the future, enlarge the hole in your tank cap with a knife or a pair of scissors.

In any case, restart the heater, and see if it works now. If necessary, prime the pump as described earlier.

What to do if you can’t solve the E08 error code?

Usually, the E08 is simple to fix. But the issue in your heater could be more severe, for example, a broken fuel pump.

I recommend checking out this diesel heater repair guide because it contains more detailed troubleshooting steps.

And, if you keep having problems with your diesel heater, maybe it’s time to switch to a propane heater. I find propane heaters are much simpler to run, without any error codes, and they last a lot longer without wearing down.


The E08 error code on diesel heaters means that no fuel reaches the combustion chamber. Either you ran out of fuel, the wind blew out the flame, or there’s pressure buildup in the tank, which blocks fuel flow.

In any case, the E08 error code is nothing to worry about and anyone can fix it without tools.