5 Space Heaters with Long Cords (Ranked & Reviewed)

Are there any space heaters with long cords? I just had to answer this question, when I noticed that my space heater cord isn’t long enough to place my heater anywhere I wanted.

To find the space heater with the longest cords, I’ve researched for hours, browsing through product descriptions and manuals to find the lengths of the cords of dozens of space heaters.

And it was pretty difficult to get the values. It seems like companies try to hide the cord length on purpose. But why?
What I found was surprising. Keep reading to find out!

When do you need a space heater with a long cord?

Long cords are especially useful when you want to be flexible with your space heater.

For example, when you want to place your space heater in a distant corner of your room, where there’s no wall outlet.

Also, it’s always annoying to constantly plug your space heater in and out of outlets just to move it a little.

When I want to move my space heater from my desk area to my bed area, I have to unplug it and plug it in somewhere else, even though it’s just a few feet away.

That gets annoying, so it makes sense to look for space heaters with long cords from the beginning.

Here are 5 space heaters with the longest cords I could find online.

Space Heaters with long cords: Our 5 Top Picks

After researching the length of dozens of space heaters and writing every single data point down in an excel sheet, I’ve found that bigger space heaters generally have longer cords than smaller space heaters.

To get a space heater with a long cord, you should, therefore, stick to space heaters of a bigger size.

I’ve also found that within the range of big space heaters there’s no difference in cord lengths at all. All of them are about 6 feet in length and that’s it. You never get more.

But don’t worry, later on I’ll show you how to extend the length of your cord. Keep reading.

Here are our 5 top picks:

Our winner with the longest cord (6.5 feet):

  • Honeywell HCE323V Digital Ceramic Heater (click here to check price on amazon) – The Honeywell tower heater is a really cool heater that has a feature I’ve never heard of: A motion sensor that automatically shuts off when an object gets too close. This way it is a very safe heater if you have kids or pets around.
    And it is our number one candidate for being the space heater with the longest cord. It comes with a 6.5 feet cord, which is the longest I could find. However, that’s only half an inch longer than the other four heaters below.
honeywell space heaters with long cords

The next 4 heaters all have cords of 6ft. length

What to do if a 6 feet space heater cord is not enough?

If you want to increase your flexibility with space heaters and a 6 feet. cord is not long enough, I’d recommend getting this heavy-duty extension cord (amazon link).

extension cord to extend the cord of your space heater

I’ve already written an article about space heaters and extension cords and explained why it might be unsafe. But I talked only about thin, cheap extension cords.

This heavy-duty power cord is definitely suited for most 1500W space heaters.

And because it’s 12ft. long you can place your space heater anywhere you want

You can safely use this extension cord as long as the amperage rating of your space heater is below the 15A rating of the extension cord.

Most heaters are perfectly fine to run on this extension cord. However, be careful with heaters that need more than 1500W.

I found a reviewer who reliably powered a 1800W heater using the cable without issues.

“I used it all winter long with an 1800W heater that rarely turned off. This cord was always cool to the touch.”

Jillie – amazon reviewer

What’s the average length of a space heater cord?

Because I already collected all the data for space heater cords, it’s easy to find the median average value:

If you list all space heater cord lengths you can find, what’s the average length of a space heater cord?

Answer: The median length of a space heater cord is 6 feet (about 1.8 meters).

This value is dominated by the big amount of big space heaters in my dataset.
Smaller space heaters usually have cords of about 4-5 feet.

Bigger space heaters have longer cords

Within my collected data, I clearly found a connection between big space heaters and long cords and small space heaters and small cords.

But that’s kind of obvious:

Small space heaters are often used in desk areas and don’t need to be placed freely.

Big space heaters are meant to heat entire rooms and therefore need longer cords to be placed in a safe spot. The bigger your space heater is, the more inflexible you are with placements (because you can’t place a big space heater everywhere you want) and thus the manufacturer increases the cable length.

If you plan to get a space heater and can’t find a listed cord value, you can safely assume that a small space heater has a cord of 4ft. length and a big heater has a cord of 6 ft. length.

When I reviewed the space heater cord-length dataset, I couldn’t find any correlation between cord length and price of the space heater.

If you get an expensive space heater, don’t assume it has a longer cord.

How to find the cord length of a space heater?

Finding the cord length of a space heater you plan to buy is pretty hard. When I did my research for this article, I found that no sales page ever lists it.

You always have to put in efforts to look up the cord length somewhere.

But why is that?

Here’s my guess:

Knowing a cord length puts additional stress on a potential customer and might impact the buying decision. That’s why companies avoid listing cord lengths.

As soon as a potential customer knows the cord length, he will try to figure out whether the space heater fits in his space. Knowing the cord length increases the resistance to buy.

For finding the cord lengths of a space heater, I found that the best way (at least on amazon) is to check the Q&A sections.

You’re not the only one looking for space heaters with long cords.

And that’s why other people often (but not always) have asked that question already. Usually, the amazon customer service or someone else already responded and you can see the cord length.

That’s how I found all my values. Companies never listed them on their sales page.

Are there any space heaters with extra long cords?

Answer: No there are no space heaters with extra long cords. When I collected the data of dozens of space heaters, there were no outstanding cord lengths.

The longest one I found was a space heater with 6.5 inches, but that’s about it.

I’m sure that companies found that 6ft. is the optimum length to produce their cords. It’s short enough to be cheap to produce, but just long enough to avoid getting bad reviews online.

Usually, a 6 feet cord is just what you need.

Are there any space heaters without cords?

After reading all of this, you might be frustrated. All you were looking for was a space heater that you can carry anywhere in your house without constantly plugging and unplugging it.

But wait:

We only looked at electric space heaters that depend on cords.

But of course, there are space heaters without cords. My favorite ones are propane heaters.

They are indoor-safe heaters that you can safely run in your house. All you have to do is hook it up to a propane tank.

They are very durable, flexible and energy-efficient.

What I like most about them is that you can even use them outdoors. Check this article on how to keep warm in an uninsulated garage.

Each time you want to be flexible with a space heater, you should get a propane heater instead of a standard electric heater.

You can even take them with you for camping!

propane heaters don't need long cords

Conclusion – Space Heaters with long cords

Nearly all space heaters have a cord length of 6 feet. It seems like that’s what most people want and what fulfills most needs.

If you want to be more flexible with your space heater, you can get a high-power extension cord that is suited for high amperage devices.

But make sure you plug-in your extension cord firmly:

“The looser the connection the more heat is created with the connection. The longer this goes on the insulation will melt and the metal used will do the same.”

Kneedragger – member at anandtech.com

However, if you want to avoid thinking about power, electricity, and safety and you just want to get a heater that you can take anywhere, an indoor propane heater is probably the best choice for you.