Electric Fireplace Not Working: Tried & Tested Fixes

electric fireplace disassembled open back side motor exposed-min

Your electric fireplace is not working? In this article, we’ll try to get your heater working again. Recently, I’ve been writing several in-depth articles on heater repairs. And the issues in electric heaters are always the same. Usually, it’s either a power supply issue, a thermostat issue, or a blown part in the electronics. Electric … Read more

How to Fix an Infrared Heater Not Working

infrared heater fix repair

Your infrared heater suddenly stopped working and you have no idea how to troubleshoot it? Then this article is for you! Hi, my name is Daniel, I am an electrical engineer and I’ve worked in an electronics manufacturing plant before! So, I know electronics both theoretically and practically. And even if you don’t have a … Read more

How to Fix Space Heater Smell (Plastic, Burning)

infrared heater front view

After turning on a new space heater or a space heater that was long unused, it is very common to notice strange smells. Some space heaters smell like something’s burning. Others give off plastic smells. In this article, we’re going to check where your space heater smell comes from, whether it is dangerous, and, of … Read more

How to fix a Space Heater Cord getting Hot

infrared space heater power cord temperature measurement

Your space heater’s power cord is getting hot and you have no idea whether you should worry about it? In this guide, we are going to check your space heater’s cord together. My name is Daniel, I am an electrical engineer, and I have two space heaters at hand of which I am going to … Read more

Space Heater making Noise (6 Sound Samples & Fixes)

space heater making noise sound recording

I’ve already talked quite a bunch about space heaters and other devices making noise on this website. But I am not really satisfied. After all, I can describe all the sounds space heaters make, but you still can’t be sure whether the sound your space heater is making is safe or needs repair. In this … Read more