4 Best Child-Safe Heaters

vornadobaby tempa child-safe lockable space heater

Some space heaters are made specifically for families with children. However, most of these “child-safe space heaters” are actually regular space heaters that are designed to look child-safe. But inherently, there’s nothing that makes them safer than space heaters for adults. I really dislike the marketing scheme here. Just designing a dangerous device to look … Read more

Can Space Heaters explode?

space heater explosion

Can space heaters explode? Space heaters can catch a fire if you use them incorrectly. But will they explode? That’s important because an explosion could stun you and limit your ability to take action. Hi, I am Daniel, an electrical engineer, and in this article, we’re going to check whether space heaters can explode and … Read more

Do Space Heaters Burn Oxygen?

space heater that burn oxygen and space heaters that don't burn oxygen

Do space heaters burn oxygen? The cold season is approaching and there are plenty of space heater myths and misconceptions that make you stop and hesitate. If space heaters really burn oxygen, maybe you should find another way to heat. Should you? Let’s stop the speculation and get right to the core of the matter. … Read more

Are Air Purifiers Safe for Pets? (Dogs, Cats, Birds, etc.)

air purifier levoit pets dogs

Are air purifiers safe for pets? 4 months ago, my girlfriend got a puppy. Naturally, I have to take care of her. However, as an HVAC blogger, I have all kinds of devices at home, including an air purifier. So, how did things turn out? Did the dog survive the air purifier? (… joking) In … Read more

Can you use an Extension Cord with an Air Purifier?

air purifier extension cord

Can you use an extension cord for an air purifier? In this article, we’re going to explore the art of using extension cords with air purifiers and how to stay safe at all times! Extension cords can pose a risk when not used appropriately. While air purifiers generally consume much less power than similar devices … Read more