Best Air Purifier: My Top Pick

I like to stick to products that simply work. Personally, I hate marketing tricks and lies. And if you read my other articles on this website, I always prefer simplicity and sturdiness over shiny objects that can’t hold their promises.

So, this time, let’s have a look at my favorite air purifier and why I decided to get this one.

Quick answer: The best air purifier is the Levoit Core 300. It is simple, collects a lot of dust and is easy to maintain. After using it for a month and seeing the thickness of dust it collects, it is evident why this air purifier is so popular.

Best Air Purifier: The Levoit Core 300

My favorite air purifier is the Levoit Core 300 (click here to view it on amazon). It does a perfect job at collecting dust from the air in your room, it’s quiet, and you can get plenty of specialized air filters for it!

With over 99,000 reviews on amazon (4.7 stars), it is the #1 best selling air purifier.

Usually, I don’t just pick the best seller of a given product. But the Levoit Core 300 really appears to set the standard for other air purifier brands.

A lot of other air purifiers imitate the design of Levoit. Which is why so many air purifiers look similar.

Why I picked the Levoit Core 300 over the Levoit Core 300S

There are two popular variants of this air purifier. One is the Core 300, the other is the Core 300S.

The only difference between the two is that the Core 300S integrates with smart home apps like Alexa or Google Assistant and you can control it with your phone.

I am a really pragmatic person and I don’t need to automate and control things via phone.

I just want air purification. So, I decided to get the Core 300.

It still got all the features you need, sleep mode, timer, and fan levels. You just have to set them manually via the touchpad.

The Core 300S and Core 300 both do the exact same air purification job. They have the same HEPA particle filters and both collect identical amounts of dust.

And they look exactly the same.

So, both the Core 300S and the Core 300 are equally great choices. I am a simple guy, so I decided to get the Core 300.

Sometimes, either the Core 300 or the Core 300S are sold out. In that case, just get the available one. It really doesn’t make a difference.

Why the Levoit Core 300 Models are the Best Air Purifiers

The Levoit Core 300 series is a top pick for a reason – it’s designed with a robust and modern aesthetic.

The models are built to withstand a fall, so a minor accident won’t leave you with a broken air purifier.

Ideal size and purifying strength for most homes

Size-wise, it’s perfect for most people. It’s capable of purifying a space up to 1095 sq. ft. (101m²), which is about the size of a large apartment. This is more than enough for most people.

If you have a larger living space, you can get one of the larger models in the Core series, like the Core 400 and Core 600. Personally, though, I think a distributed approach is better.

Placing multiple Core 300 units throughout your house is better than having one strong Core 600 in some corner from which it can’t collect particles from the far end of your house.

So, even in a large home, having multiple Core 300 models is better than one strong air purifier.


One of the highlights of the Core 300 series is how quiet they run. With a noise level of 22dB in sleep mode, they are almost inaudible.

Plus, they come with top certifications, including Energy Star, FCC, ETC, and CARB. These certifications verify the product’s energy efficiency, electrical safety, and compliance with California’s strict air cleaner regulations.

air purifier levoit core touch panel timer
On the Levoit Core 300 touch panel, you can set night mode for extra quiet operation (the moon sign). Also, you can set a timer (in the picture, it’s set to 4 hours)

Great filters and plenty of replacement options

Levoit’s original 3-stage HEPA filter can capture 0.3-micrometer particles, which is very good. But honestly, any HEPA filter can do that. You’re not limited to Levoit here (see the next section for why you might not need a Levoit air purifier).

The Core-series also advertises a high-efficiency activated carbon filter with more carbon than other brands. Although, here I also have to say that more carbon does not necessarily prove better air purification.

Much more important would be the carbon’s total surface area, which does not necessarily increase with mass. I’d love to see data on that. But in principle, more is better!

The Core 300 series operates at 140CFM (238m³/h), which may seem low compared to a (strong) floor fan’s 5,100 CFM, but remember, a fan doesn’t filter the air.

air purifier hepa filter levoit core

Incredibly low power consumption

At a power consumption of 33W and with four fan speed levels, it’s energy-efficient. To put it into perspective, even at its highest level, the cost of running the Core 300 is under 1 cent per hour.

( Assuming an average electricity rate of 23 cents per kWh )

What I really like is that you can easily customize the Core 300 with different filters, including a smoke remover filter, a pet allergy filter, or a toxin absorber filter. 

Why you might not need a Levoit Core 300

The main job of any air purifier is done by the HEPA filter and the power of the airflow. Technically, any air purifier with a quality HEPA filter and decent fan can do a similar job.

So, if you find a more affordable option with a reliable filter and satisfactory airflow, it is likely enough.

However, when you get cheaper air purifiers, you likely will have to tradeoff material quality and looks.

A lot of other air purifiers look significantly cheaper.

And Levoit really stands out with its >99,000 positive customer reviews.

So, I’d say.

Getting a Levoit Core 300 should be the default air purifier choice, since we have social proof most people love them and they work reliably.

However, if you are really short on money, get cheaper air purifiers. For example, this air purifier set (click here to view it on amazon) is a lot cheaper when compared to Levoit’s purifiers.

They use the same HEPA 13 filters and have equally good reviews. To me, they look a little more fragile and like a Levoit knockoff.

But I bet the air purification end result will be similar!

Maintenance and Lifespan

Let’s not forget about maintenance, a crucial aspect of any product. As a new user of the Levoit Core 300, I did my research and found that its filters need to be replaced every 6-8 months, depending on the level of air pollution in your home. Although this might seem like a hassle, it ensures that the air purifier continues to perform at its peak, keeping your air fresh and clean.

Warranty Details

Levoit provides a 1-year warranty for the Core 300 model, which I found comforting as a buyer. This shows the company’s confidence in their product and gives you peace of mind.


Here are a few common questions you might have about the Levoit Core 300:

Q: Does the Levoit Core 300 emit ozone?

A: No, it’s 100% ozone-free, making it safe for you and your family.

Q: How often should I run my air purifier?

A: For best results, it’s recommended to run your air purifier continuously. However, you can adjust this based on your needs and the air quality in your home.

Q: Can I wash and reuse the filters of the Levoit Core 300?

A: No, the filters are not washable. It’s recommended to replace them every 6-8 months for optimal performance.

But it is certainly possible to brush off the dust with a dry brush every once in a while!


In conclusion, choosing an air purifier comes down to your personal needs and budget.

The Levoit Core 300 stands out with its robust design, performance, and versatility, all at a reasonable price point.

Although I don’t have my Levoit Core 300 for a long time, it is absolutely clear to me why this air purifier is so highly rated and loved by so many customers.

Even if you’re considering cheaper options, remember that quality and reliability are worth investing in for the long run.

Ultimately, a product like the Levoit Core 300 can significantly improve the air quality in your home, and is absolutely worth it.