Best Swamp Cooler: My Top Pick

You’ve seen me talk a lot about the Hessaire MC37M. Whether it’s on the list of top swamp coolers for garages or in our swamp cooler vs air conditioner comparison, the MC37M stands out. But why?

Quick answer: The best swamp cooler is the Hessaire MC37M. It is robust, has more than enough power to cool even large spaces, and lasts a lifetime. For smaller rooms, you can get the MC18M model.

You can check out the swamp cooler here: Hessaire MC37M (click here to view it on amazon).

Why the Hessaire MC37M is the best swamp cooler

First and foremost, I am in no way affiliated with Hessaire as a brand.

If you know my other posts on this website, you know I am always technically precise and don’t care about brands. For reference, one of my most-read posts is one, where I roast Dyson heaters and prove how they are a waste of money.

The MC37M just stands out from the rest of the swamp coolers in every relevant way. There is no marketing, I’ve never seen a single Hessaire ad. This swamp cooler is simply good.

And that’s the kind of product I like. No hype, no marketing lies. Just a solid, sturdy product.

Let’s have a look.

Robust design – lasts a long time

First up, as I’ve just indicated, it’s sturdy. The MC37M’s main material is plastic, but that’s not a bad thing.

Even though it’s counterintuitive, good swamp coolers have to be made of plastic.

Compared to metal coolers that start rusting almost immediately, this cooler doesn’t have such problems.

Plus, it’s well-built and lasts long without costing a fortune.

Strong airflow

The MC37M is more than just a robust cooler. Its 3,100 CFM fan is strong—almost as strong as a floor fan. Yet, it pushes this much air through a water-soaked pad. Most other swamp coolers online offer around 2,000 CFM, while others don’t even mention their rating (which probably means it’s lower).

There’s an even larger variant, the Hessaire MC61M (click to view it on amazon), which blows 5,100 CFM.

But unless you work in a large garage or at a construction site you likely don’t need a model that strong.

For most uses, the MC37M is more than enough.

In fact, the MC37M is strong enough to even cool you outdoors!

“When this arrived, I took it out of the box immediately, very simply hook the hose up to it, filled the reservoir, and turned it on, and what a dramatic difference it made on the patio. With the outside air temperature at 115°F It was like an oven when the air was on you but when the blower turned your way and the cool air hit you what a difference it made!!!!! My chickens and dogs are going to be so happy now […]“ Melrae (reviewer)

Manual or automated water refills

In my experience, this cooler is easy to use.

You can either run it off the built-in 10-gallon water tank. The tank lasts about 3-4 hours if you run your swamp cooler on full power. Or you can connect it to a water tap for a continuous refill.

If you’re using the continuous refill feature, I recommend adding this pressure reducer (click here to view it on amazon) to your garden hose.

It is not necessary, but it makes adjusting the water valve easier.

It slows down the tank filling process and reduces splashing.

Size Considerations

For most use cases, such as cooling large living rooms, or a 3-4 cars garage, the Hessaire MC37M has just the right size.

You can even use it outdoors.

Keep in mind that the MC37M is not a small unit. For smaller spaces, consider its smaller sibling, the Hessaire MC18M. It’s more compact but still powerful.

We’re going to have a look at this small-brother model a bit later in this article!

Technical details

Technical specs matter, and the MC37M shines here too. Its 3,100 CFM airflow surpasses many models. And with a power consumption of 250 watts, it’s economical. At an average electricity rate of 22 cents per kWh, it costs about 5.5 cents per hour to run.

MC37M features
MaterialRoto-molded plastic
Airflow3,100 CFM
Power consumption250 Watts
Operating cost~5.5 cents per hour
Cooling spaceUp to 750 square feet
SizeSuitable for larger spaces
Alternative for smaller spacesHessaire MC18M
RefillsAutomated refills by connecting it to a tap, or manual refills using the built-in 10-gallon water tank
Value for MoneyHigh

Why Spending more on the Hessaire MC37M is worth it

Yes, the MC37M costs a bit more than other swamp coolers. But the extra cost is worth it.

Cheap coolers often break down easily and don’t perform as well. But with the MC37M, you get a durable, high-performance unit.

So, the Hessaire MC37M is my top pick. It’s durable, powerful, efficient, and worth every penny. If you’re looking for a swamp cooler, consider this model – you won’t regret it.

Alternative for smaller spaces (Hessaire MC18M)

While the Hessaire MC37M is an excellent choice for larger spaces, what about those of us who live in smaller rooms?

Don’t worry; Hessaire has got you covered there too, with the MC18M.

swamp cooler on patio
This is the MC18M!

The Hessaire MC18M shares a lot of the robust design and performance features of its bigger brother, the MC37M.

It’s also made of the same durable plastic, ensuring a long life and resistance to rust.

However, it comes in a smaller, more space-friendly package, making it the ideal choice for those working with less square footage.

In terms of performance, the MC18M can not match the powerful 3,100 CFM airflow of the MC37M.

The MC18M provides 1,300 CFM of airflow.

That’s significantly below what the MC37M offers. That’s why I generally prefer the MC37M.

Though the exact room size the MC18M can cool will depend on a number of factors (like external temperature, humidity, and room insulation), it’s typically recommended for spaces up to 500 square feet.

That makes it perfect for spaces like small garages, home offices, or bedrooms.

In summary, if your cooling needs are on a smaller scale, the Hessaire MC18M is a swamp cooler well worth considering.

It brings the high-quality construction and efficient cooling of the Hessaire brand into a compact and budget-friendly package.

Why you might not need a Hessaire swamp cooler

While I absolutely swear by the Hessaire MC37M for its strength, efficiency, and durability, it might not be the perfect fit for everyone.

Yes, you read it right. Not everything that glitters is gold for everyone, and the MC37M is no exception.

First of all, at around $360, the MC37M is not cheap. It’s an investment, and not everyone might be ready to shell out this kind of cash for a swamp cooler.

If you’re on a tight budget, this might be a point of contention.

Also, the 250 watts power consumption is not much when compared to air conditioners, but it’s still a cost to consider. The MC37M can run up to 5.5 cents an hour. Comparatively, a good floor fan, which consumes between 80W to 120W, would cost you about half as much to run.

A good quality floor fan can deliver as much air as the MC37M, but without the additional operating costs or maintenance.

Because, let’s face it, swamp coolers do need regular maintenance. If neglected, they can start to smell, which is a scenario no one wants to encounter.

Here’s a guide on how to fix swamp cooler smell (you’ll have to do that regularly if you decide to get a swamp cooler).

So yes, the MC37M demands not only your money but also your time. From cleaning to filling the water tank and making sure it runs smoothly, the unit needs your attention.

That’s not really an issue with the MC37M in particular. Rather, it’s something all swamp coolers have in common.

Lastly, there are cheaper swamp coolers available in local stores or online, falling under the $100 mark.

However, I’d warn you against them. From my experience, a quality fan usually outperforms a cheap swamp cooler in terms of reliability, convenience, and longevity.

A strong fan might be enough for you

This high-velocity floor fan (click here to view it on amazon) costs just under $70 and provides an airflow of 5,300 CFM. That’s more than any swamp cooler listed in this article!

Meanwhile, it consumes just 145 watts of power.

In a nutshell, if you are seeking a no-fuss, low-maintenance, and budget-friendly solution for your cooling needs, the Hessaire MC37M might not be your best option.

But if you’re willing to invest in a powerful, efficient cooler and can take out the time for its upkeep, then the MC37M is the real deal.


To summarize, the best swamp cooler is the Hessaire MC37M, along with its small brother, the MC18M.

Both are equally good models. One is for larger spaces, the other for smaller ones.

Still, I prefer the MC37M by a large margin, because it is a lot stronger. And thus, you are a lot more flexible with it.

You can easily move it around and cool any regular-size room. With the smaller model, you are limited to smaller rooms.