Bluegrass Living Propane Heater Review: Strong & Reliable

Yay! I discovered a new product: The Bluegrass Living propane heater.

I don’t know where this model has been all the time, but the Bluegrass Living propane heater looks neat.

After spending dozens of hours reviewing both ventless portable heaters and vented propane heaters, my results were clear: Mr Heater Buddy heaters are next to unbeatable.

But possibly, Bluegrass Living models can compete!

So, let’s do a fully unbiased review.

Hi, my name is Daniel, I am an electrical engineer and I write about heating and cooling methods on this website.

The first thing that sticks out to me when I search for Bluegrass Living propane heater reviews is: There are none. Zero.

My goal is to fill the void. Not just with yet another sales pitch, but with actual information, critically comparing the Bluegrass Living heater’s features with other propane heaters.

Let’s start!

Bluegrass Living Propane Heater Review: Facts First

In this review we’re talking about this Bluegrass Living propane heater (click here to view it on amazon).

As you can see on the linked page, it comes in 3 different sizes:

  • 10,000 BTU
  • 20,000 BTU and
  • 30,000 BTU (which is exceptionally high for a ventless heater)

I highly recommend getting the largest size. With the gas knob you can adjust heat output and, therefore, gas consumption.

So, there is no drawback to picking the largest model. You can still run it on low temperature.

But if you’re ever in need of more heat, for example in an emergency, you can depend on this propane heater.

It comes with an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) and automatically shuts off in case of decreasing oxygen levels.

The Bluegrass Living heater can either stand on its feet or you can mount it to the wall, so it takes up less floor space.

It has a built-in blower and a thermostat, both of which work only with electricity.

You can, of course, run the Bluegrass Living propane heater (as any other propane heater) without electricity in manual mode.

bluegrass living propane heater product image

Where the Bluegrass Living Propane Heater Excels

Let’s have a look at what the Bluegrass Living propane heater is doing better than other propane heaters.

1. Heat output: Higher Than Usual

The Bluegrass Living propane heater outputs a whopping 30,000 BTU of heat per hour.

That’s more than most other portable propane heaters can output, and much more, of course, than any electric heater.

For a portable propane heater, the Bluegrass Living is very strong.

If you compare it with mounted wall heaters and large vented propane heaters, which can output 50,000 BTU/h and more, of course, the Bluegrass Living is weaker and smaller.

But that’s because it’s designed for large living rooms, not entire garages and warehouses.

So, the heat output is on point. Probably, it’s higher than you ever need it to be.

2. Built-in Thermostat: Automatically Controls Heat Output

The Bluegrass Living also comes with a built-in thermostat that shuts the heater off when room temperature reaches your desired target temperature and turns it back on when room temperature drops below a certain threshold.

That’s a good old two-point control, turning the heater fully on and off.

For a portable propane heater, that’s great! The Mr Heater Buddy models, for example, don’t come with a built-in thermostat.

The thermostat, however, works only with electricity. So, you need access to a wall outlet to use it.

The electricity is required to trigger the spark ignition.

But don’t worry, the heater still works without electricity! You merely can’t use the thermostat.

3. Blower: Supports Heat Distribution

To distribute the heat, the Bluegrass Living propane heater has a built-in blower.

The blower obviously can only work with electricity. But that’s not a big deal.

4. Sturdy: Can Take Hits Without Breaking

At 24.5 pounds, the Bluegrass Living is a very sturdy and heavy device. You can see that as an advantage and a disadvantage, depending on what you want to do with it.

If you use the heater mostly stationary, in your living space, in a garage or workshop, and you don’t move it around much, the weight is not a problem.

It shows that the Bluegrass Living propane heater is sturdy and can take hits, which happens, especially in workspaces.

It won’t just break. I like that a lot about this heater.

Many other propane heaters are made of very lightweight material, which is great for carrying them around. But their light weight makes them fragile.

It is a solid propane heater you can rely on.

5. Emergency Heat: Reliable Heating Without Electricity

In my opinion, the Bluegrass Living is the perfect emergency heater. Without access to electricity, the thermostat and the blower won’t work.

But that’s not a problem. You can use the heater in manual mode, just like any other off-grid propane heater.

You set a heat setting, spark the heater, and there’s your heat.

In an emergency, you don’t need a fancy thermostat to set the perfect amount of heat.

Either you run the Bluegrass Living on the lowest setting to consume as little propane as possible while surviving. Or, you can run the Bluegrass Living on a high setting to keep your entire living space warm, together with your family.

6. Wall-mountable and Free Standing

The Bluegrass Living comes with feet it can stand on and it comes with a wall mount. You can decide how to mount it.

Overall, that’s a minor feature, but I like it.

And I think it’s worth a mention.

If you already know you will use the Bluegrass Living in one place, you can install the wall mount there and save precious floor space.

In case you need to move the heater, you can easily take it off the wall, attach the feet, and you’re ready to go.

7. Safety-Certified

The Bluegrass Living propane heater is PFS-certified.

The Oxygen Depletion Sensor is ANSI-certified.


8. Overall: Better Than Most Portable Propane Heaters

The Bluegrass Living propane heater has none of the drawbacks of a regular portable ventless propane heater.

Regular portable propane heaters usually output less heat and have no thermostat. Some portable propane heaters don’t even have proper safety certifications.

The Bluegrass Living provides a lot of heat, a thermostat, and all the safety features of a big vented propane heater.

But, if you want to, you can use it like a portable propane heater.

bluegrass living propane heater blue flame oxygen depletion close up

What the Bluegrass Living Propane Heater Could Do Better

To be honest, it is very hard for me to find any major disadvantages to the Bluegrass Living propane heater.

So, what I tell you now is pure nitpicking.

1. Questionable Marketing Statements

There are some slightly misleading marketing statements on the Bluegrass Living heater’s amazon sales page.

Let’s have a look:

“Heat for only pennies an hour!”

In fact, running a 30,000 BTU heater consumes 0.36 gallons of propane per hour if you run it on full power.

That’s almost $1 at current propane prices.

“Economical: 99.9% efficient.”

That’s even an underestimate. Technically, every heater is exactly 100% efficient!

99.9% just makes the offer sound compelling.

2. Weight: Low Portability

The Bluegrass Living propane heater is undoubtedly a robust and sturdy appliance, weighing in at 24.5 pounds.

While the heaviness lends itself well to durability, it decreases portability.

If you plan on keeping it in a stationary position in your living space, garage, or workshop, this isn’t a concern.

However, if you’re looking for a heater that you can easily move from one location to another, this weight could be annoying.

Unlike lighter options, you might find yourself thinking twice before lifting it.

Conclusion: Should You Buy the Bluegrass Living Propane Heater?

So, the ultimate question: Is the Bluegrass Living heater worth your hard-earned money?

Here’s the summary:


  • Unbeatable heat output for a ventless portable heater (Up to 30,000 BTU)
  • Built-in thermostat for efficient heating control (when connected to electricity)
  • Versatile, can be wall-mounted or free-standing
  • Extremely sturdy and durable
  • Reliable safety features
  • Excellent for emergency heat situations


  • Slightly misleading marketing claims regarding costs and efficiency
  • Its 24.5-pound weight makes it less than ideal for easy portability

If your priorities include high heat output, the ability to control the heat efficiently, and a robust, sturdy build, then the Bluegrass Living propane heater checks all those boxes effectively. Its shortcomings are minimal and could be considered nitpicks when stacked against its strong advantages.

However, if you’re in search of something lightweight and ultra-portable, you might find the weight to be a deal-breaker.

Overall, the Bluegrass Living propane heater offers more pros than cons. Its robust features, coupled with its outstanding performance, make it a front-runner in the propane heater market. It could very well give Mr Heater Buddy models a run for their money.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely, but with the caveat that you consider your specific needs carefully, especially regarding portability and the requirement for electrical connectivity for some features.