Dyson H2 Error Code: How to Fix It

Encountering the H2 error code on your Dyson Hot+Cool fan can be a cause for concern, but don’t worry.

This code indicates an overheating issue, often fixable with some straightforward troubleshooting.

Let’s delve into the most common cause of this error and the steps to fix it.

Understanding the Dyson H2 Error Code

The H2 error code indicates overheating, usually stemming from dust and dirt accumulation around the heating elements.

Over time, dust clogs the heating elements, leading to overheating and, consequently, the H2 error code.

The H2 error occurs in all Dyson Hot+Cool models, including:

  • Dyson AM04 Hot + Cool Heater/Table Fan
  • Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool Fan Heater
  • Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater
  • Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link (HP02)
  • Dyson Pure Hot + Cool (HP04)
  • Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic (HP06)
  • Dyson Hot + Cool 300 (formerly known as HP03)

How to Fix the Dyson H2 Error Code

Quick Answer:
The H2 error code on your Dyson Hot+Cool fan signifies an overheating issue, commonly due to dust and dirt accumulation around the heating elements. A detailed cleaning of these elements and the fan assembly, achieved by disassembling the unit and utilizing compressed or canned air, often rectifies this error.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown to guide you through fixing the H2 error code:

  1. Preparation:
    • Ensure your Dyson Hot+Cool fan is switched off and unplugged from the electrical outlet to prevent any electrical hazards.
  2. Disassembly:
    • Carefully separate the two halves of your fan to access the internal components. This should unveil both the fan assembly and the heating elements.
    • You can find tutorials on YouTube for visual guidance on disassembling Dyson fans.
  3. Filter Inspection:
    • Detach the filter from your Dyson fan.
    • Look for a clear mesh around the filter. This mesh, meant to protect the filter during shipping, should be removed before installation.
    • Take off the mesh wrapped around your new filter if it’s present.
  4. Internal Components Cleaning:
    • Utilize compressed or canned air to meticulously clean the fan assembly and, notably, the heating elements which appear as metal fins in the upper half of the fan case.
    • It’s crucial to eliminate all dust to ensure proper heat dispersion and to avert overheating.
    • If you don’t have compressed air, of course, you can also use a dry brush (or even an old toothbrush) to manually clean out the dust and dirt.
  5. Reassembly:
    • Gently reassemble your fan, ensuring all parts fit securely.
  6. Testing:
    • Reconnect your fan to the electrical outlet, switch it on, activate the heating mode, and observe if the error has been resolved.

By adhering to this systematic approach, you’re well on your way to resolving the H2 error code and ensuring your Dyson Hot+Cool fan operates efficiently, especially during the colder seasons.

dyson hot cool dust in internal components
Clean out all the dust from inside your Dyson Hot+Cool!

Recommended Product for Dyson Hot+Cool Maintenance

For effective and effortless future maintenance of your Dyson Hot+Cool fan, I highly recommend investing in a quality compressed air duster. One notable option is this compressed air duster available on Amazon.

With its precision nozzle and potent air blast, it simplifies the process of removing dust and debris from hard-to-reach areas within your fan, eliminating the need for manual brushing.

By using this compressed air duster, not only can you ensure a thorough cleaning of your Dyson Hot+Cool’s internal components, but also extend the longevity of your fan, maintaining its performance long-term.

What to do if the H2 error remains

The H2 error code primarily signifies overheating often caused by dust accumulation.

However, in some instances, the error may appear despite clean heating elements, indicating potential electrical or component discrepancies.

In such scenarios, a more in-depth examination of components such as the thermal switch, thermal fuse, and other electronic constituents adjacent to the heating elements might be necessary.

In this case, I recommend having a look at his guide: How to fix a Dyson Heater not blowing hot air

Alternative Workaround

Some users have found that setting the fan to a lower speed and maintaining a temperature around 73-75°F (23-24°C) helps in bypassing the error temporarily.

While this workaround may provide temporary relief, it’s crucial to address the underlying cause to ensure the reliable operation of your unit.

How to Prevent the H2 Error Code on Your Dyson Hot+Cool Fan

Regular Maintenance for Optimal Performance

To ensure the long-term performance and efficiency of your Dyson Hot+Cool fan, it is advisable to perform a thorough cleaning at least annually.

Ideally, use the compressed air duster recommended earlier! It saves you significant work in the long run.

Regular maintenance, particularly before the heating season, can significantly mitigate the occurrence of the H2 error code which indicates overheating issues.

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Addressing the H2 error code on your Dyson fan necessitates a systematic approach, commencing with a meticulous cleaning of the heating elements.

Should the issue persist, further electrical troubleshooting or engaging professional assistance might be prudent.

By promptly addressing and rectifying this error, you ensure your Dyson fan continues to deliver the desired warmth and comfort reliably.

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