Dyson F2 Error Code: How to Fix It

The F2 error code on Dyson fans is simple to fix once you know what causes it.

Interestingly, Dyson doesn’t seem to know what causes the error. I do.

Here’s the reason for your Dyson fan showing the F2 error:

  • Symptom: Dyson fan senses a power drop, displays F2
  • Cause: Friction in the fan motor
  • Solution: Disassemble and clean the fan, ensure the fan motor is snapped into position, tighten any screws

The F2 error is comparably rare because it is related to internal friction inside the device. This usually happens when a Dyson fan is not carefully assembled.

Either Dyson did not properly quality-control your model, or you tried to fix something on your Dyson fan and missed something in the reassembly, or you bought your Dyson fan used from someone who introduced the issue.

In any case, the issue is relatively simple to fix in most cases. With a bit of patience, you can fix it too.

How to Reset the F2 Error Code (According to Dyson)

Let’s first start with Dyson’s official fixing instructions. It will be obvious why Dyson’s official guide is not enough very soon.

According to Dyson’s customer support, the F2 error is a power issue.

They recommend turning the fan off, waiting 60 seconds, and turning it back on. The error should have cleared.

If this doesn’t work, try a “hard reset”: Turn off your Dyson fan, unplug it, wait, and then turn it back on.

If these steps solve the issue for you, great! However, if your fan, as in most cases, still shows the F2 error, continue with the next section.

The Problem with Dyson’s official instructions

Dyson knows that the F2 error code represents a power issue. However, they incorrectly conclude that power issues can always be solved by power cycling (turning on and off) or resetting the device.

Obviously, that’s not the solution for the cause of the issue. So, in most cases, Dyson’s official troubleshooting steps are useless.

How to Actually Fix The Dyson F2 Error Code

Here’s how to actually fix the Dyson F2 error code:

The cause of the F2 error code is usually a blocked fan motor. When dust clogs the motor or when the fan blades rub against the housing because it does not sit in position, the rotational resistance of the fan changes, causing the Dyson fan to interpret it as a power issue.

To fix the F2 error code unclog the fan motor:

1. Remove Motor Blockers

First of all, unplug and disassemble your Dyson fan. Open up the base, take out the filter, and unscrew the inner case screws until you can access the fan motor.

Check the motor for any blockers. Try to rotate it manually (with your hand). Does it rotate easily?

If it does not rotate at all and is stuck, find the part that blocks the fan blades and remove it.

If you can’t locate the blocking part, unscrew the motor from its base and disconnect the motor power supply so you can hold it freely.

Shake the fan motor and listen for rattling. Try to remove the blocking part.

2. Remove Dust Causing Friction

In case the fan motor rotates, but only with resistance, likely dust is blocking it.

Remove all the dust from the fan motor.

For this, I generally recommend using an air compressor (click to view it on amazon) with a compressed air gun.

If you don’t have one yet, get one. Having an air compressor pays off in the long run! Especially for cleaning out dust in electronics. I also use it to inflate car & bike tires, balls, and air mattresses. So, it’s definitely a worthy purchase for any household.

All you have to do is point the air gun at the fan motor and blow out all the dust. Takes no more than 10 seconds.

Alternatively, grab an old toothbrush, or any other brush that does not damage plastic parts, and clean out the dust manually.

The fan should rotate freely again.

3. Tighten Fan Motor Screws

Before you reassemble your Dyson fan, check that the motor is snapped into position.

When the fan motor does not sit firmly in its spot, the fan will rub on the inner side of the fan housing.

If dust or other mechanical blockers were not the issue in your case, it surely is an improper fan motor assembly.

I find this issue is as often the cause of the F2 error as dust blocking the motor. The motor usually does not sit firmly in its position because of a previous disassembly with uncareful reassembly (for example from a previous repair), or because Dyson did not properly quality-check your unit.

Ensure that all screws on the fan motor are fully tightened to force the fan motor into position.

4. Reassemble and Test your Fan

After cleaning out your Dyson fan and ensuring the fan motor sits firmly in position, you can test your Dyson fan.

Plug in your Dyson fan and turn it on. The F2 error should be gone.

5. Reset the Dyson fan

If the F2 error still shows, press and hold the power button on the remote or on the fan to reset your device.

Your Dyson fan should be working by now.

What to do if the F2 Error Persists?

If the F2 error persists and you can’t get rid of it after applying the fixes from the previous section, likely the fan motor of your Dyson fan is broken.

There are two ways to handle it.

Replace the Fan Motor

To fix the broken fan motor in your Dyson, replace it. You can buy a replacement motor online. You can find replacement fan motors on aliexpress.com.

Search for your particular Dyson fan model and “fan motor”.

The delivery will take a few weeks since they come directly from China. And, of course, you need basic electronics skills to replace the fan motor.

Get a New Dyson Fan

In most cases, however, I recommend buying a new Dyson fan. For a motor replacement, you need skills, time, and nerves.

I recommend getting this Dyson Hot+Cool HP10 (click to view it on amazon).

It’s a Hot+Cool model, meaning it can even heat your room, in addition to cooling (in fan mode) and air purification (in any mode).

Just getting a new Dyson fan saves you all the repair trouble and you can instantly stop worrying about the F2 error.


To fix the F2 error in your Dyson fan, remove any blocking parts from the fan motor, clean out the dust, and ensure the fan motor sits firmly in position. If these fixes don’t work, likely, the fan motor is broken and you either have to replace it or get a new fan.

The F2 error is hard to troubleshoot since Dyson’s official guidelines are misleading.

With this F2 error fixing guide, I hope I could help you get rid of the F2 error in your Dyson fan!