The Best Oil-Filled Radiator: My favorite!

I’ve been recommending one oil-filled radiator model over and over on this website. I am just convinced that this one is by far the best value-for-money deal you can currently get.

Now hold on: I want you to pick the right oil heater right away. My buying philosophy is to look for items where you get your money’s worth. I want you to minimize the long term cost.

Carless buying of heaters could lead to bad choices and buying the wrong products that don’t last long or don’t fulfill your needs. So, you would need to look out for heaters over and over again.

Instead, the one I’m going to tell you about is my result after MONTHS of research. And after all this time writing about heaters, I’m absolutely sure, that this is the model you should get.

Here’s the short version: I absolutely recommend getting the Pelonis Oil-Filled Radiator (click here to view it on amazon). It has an outstanding price but doesn’t cut off any functionality or safety aspects compared to other heaters. The Pelonis heater comes with tons of useful features: From a remote control (so you can control the heater from the couch or bed), an automatic shut-off timer and a thermostat to safety certifications and manufacturer warranty.

Why I Chose the Pelonis Oil-Filled Radiator


Functionality-wise, the Pelonis heater comes with absolutely everything you would ever need in a heater. I could list all the features here and tell you everything about them, but I’m going to keep it short.

It comes with:

  • Automatic shut-off timer: You can set the automatic shut-off timer to any time up to 10 hours. It is mainly meant for heating while you’re sleeping. You could, for example, set it to 4 hours and then go to bed. Overnight, when the 4 hours are over, the heater automatically shuts off to save energy.
  • Thermostat: A thermostat is always useful because it makes sure that your room is heated to a certain temperature. The thermostat also prevents overheating, because it automatically decreases the power once the heater gets too hot. On top of that, you save energy, because a thermostat makes sure that your heater only draws power when it needs to.
  • Power modes: You can decide between three power modes, high, low and ECO. While high drains 1500W, low uses 900W and ECO switches back and forth to optimize the power usage. This way you can lower your electric bill if you want to.
    Generally, you can leave the heater on low unless the outside temperature drops below the freezing point.
  • Wheels: So many oil heaters come without wheels which makes it really hard to carry them around. With wheels, it becomes way easier.
  • No fan: Is no fan a functionality? To me, yes. Because fans always produce noise. And especially when you want to calm down or heat and night, you want a silent heat source. The Pelonis heater distributes the heat using the special surface design of the metal heating body instead of relying on a fan.

Comparison to brand products

But what is so special about all these functions? Other oil heaters have the very same functionality and work in very similar ways.

Yes, that’s right!

However, you always need a fair comparison! When you look at other heaters with similar features, they are always priced well over $100, whereas the Pelonis heater is significantly cheaper.

The only difference, for example, compared to a DeLonghi heater, is that Pelonis is not a popular brand. But you get the most out of your money. A comparable DeLonghi Heater is the DeLonghi TRD40615E (click to view it on amazon). It has very similar specifications. However, you have to pay a significantly higher price.

I’m not saying that DeLonghi is bad, it’s just more expensive and you don’t really get more value out of it.

My choice would be the Pelonis heater.


The quality of the heater is just about what you would expect for that price. It’s not very astonishing, there are plastic parts, but they don’t look like they’re cheaply made.

Quite the reverse!

The Pelonis heater leaves a good impression and looks like a solid product. But always keep in mind, that you paid only a few bucks for it and you shouldn’t expect to get a luxury product.

Value for Money

Unbeatable! The value you get for your money is incredible! I already listed all the features of the heater above, but you still get so much more. I didn’t even get to list the safety aspects yet (see the section below).

For the price you pay, the Pelonis heater is by far the best heater you can get. It’s also the cheapest product on my Recommended Products page. All other heaters I recommend, whether they are infrared, propane or torpedo heaters are more expensive and have FEWER features than this oil heater!

Safety & Certifications

The Pelonis heater is ETL certified, which is a sign of quality and tells you that the heater fulfills all current safety standards.

Of course, it comes with tip-over protection and overheat-protection. I guess, otherwise it wouldn’t even have passed the ETL certification tests.

What I like a lot about all oil heaters is that they’re always safe to touch. No oil-heater gets burning hot because the actual heating element is encased in the metal body. So, there’s no way to burn your fingers.

That’s why the Pelonis heater is a good choice for families with children or pets. Especially, when you have birds flying around, oil heaters are the best choice. Dogs and cats usually keep a safe distance from too hot heaters.

If you have a cat, you will oftentimes find your cat snuggled up in front of the heater.

Advantages of an Oil Heater

I’m already glad that you’re on this page, which tells me that you are looking for an oil-filled radiator. This is a great idea because oil heater come with a vast amount of advantages over other types of heaters.

  • Even heating: Oil heaters have the advantage of heating the air evenly. Compared to an infrared heater, the heat just feels much more natural. Oil heaters produce warm air instead of radiation that can dry your skin.
  • Heating capacity: Because of their big oil-filled metal body, oil-filled heaters have a high heating capacity, meaning they can produce lots of heat. But the oil-filled body also stores heat and keeps emitting warmth, even after turning the heater off. In contrast, infrared heaters get cold as soon as you turn them off.
  • Efficiency: Because of their high heating-capacity and their ability to heat the air evenly, oil heaters are the most efficient type of heater when you want to heat big-sized rooms.
  • Safety: Oil heaters are the safest type of heaters as well. The heat is distributed over the large metal surface, which means there are no single hot spots where you can burn your fingers. That’s perfect for families with children and pets.


Oil heaters are great all-purpose heaters. They are a solid choice for everyone looking for a safe and reliable way to heat their homes.

When you are looking for one, I definitely recommend getting the Pelonis oil-filled radiator. It comes with all the features you wish for, but at a much lower price than comparable products.

You simply get the most value for your money with this one.