The Best Torpedo Heater: Powerful and Reliable

When it comes to buying a torpedo heater, you should get a suitable model right away. Usually, when you try to get a cheap torpedo heater, you are disappointed by what you receive. Therefore, I recommend getting a known and popular product right away.

No matter what you use it for, whether it is for construction work, for keeping your garage warm, for a workshop… the right heater will support you at your work. A bad heater will only hinder you and produce unnecessary problems.

Short version: I recommend getting the Mr. Heater MH60QFAV (click here to view it on amazon) right away. It’s a reliable and solid heater and you really get what you pay for. The heater is definitely able to keep up with your heating needs and won’t disappoint you. When you get the right heater right away (instead of buying low-quality torpedos), you will save money. The Mr. Heater torpedo may even become a lifetime-buddy you don’t want to miss anymore.

My philosophy with buying new heaters is (as you might have already noticed), to get the most out of your money and to avoid problems. You get the most value from your money by relying on popular, well-tested heaters. At the same time, you avoid unnecessary problems by getting a heater that works well right away!

So let’s take a closer look at why getting the Mr. Heater MH60QFAV should be your first choice.

Why I Chose the Mr. Heater MH60QFAV

Heating Power

“I purchased this propane heater to heat my uninsulated 750 sq ft garage. […] It worked flawlessly and heated my workspace to a comfortable 60 degrees in about 45 min, on high. The outside temperature was 29 degrees.”

a reviewer

The Mr Heater forced-air torpedo heater outperforms every other heater I know of at that price range. A heater that overcomes the heat loss of an uninsulated garage can heat ANY room. Especially when it’s a closed room.

Torpedo heaters are naturally the most powerful heaters because they have access to lots of energy (stored in the propane gas) that they can withdraw without limits. In contrast, electric heaters are usually limited to 1500W, because that’s what the electric grid can handle.

Additionally, these types of heaters force the hot air out – similar to a jet engine. That’s why they look is so similar. It guarantees high convection (movement of the air) and thus a short heat-up time.

Ease of Use

The Mr. Heater torpedo heater is incredibly easy to use. As a power source, you just need to hook a 20lb propane tank up and you are ready to go.

With a control knob, you can regulate the gas flow to the burner and thus the temperature and heat output you get. It’s as easy as that. That’s all there is to propane heaters.

That’s also why torpedo heaters are considered manly (and unsafe). There are no fancy extras, no built-in timers or unnecessary sensors. This is a powerful heater at the bare minimum.

You get high heat and simple usage.


Of course, the heater produces sound. That’s totally normal because high pressurized gas is burned and then forced out at high speeds. But in comparison to other torpedo heaters, this one is significantly quieter.

The materials of the heater together with its control knob and the gas connectors make a decent impression and feel high-quality. I have nothing to complain about.


There are two things to talk about regarding durability: The first one is how long a regular 20lb propane tank lasts with the heater. And the second one is about how long the heater itself will last you.

The first question is easy to answer: On the highest settings, a 20lb propane tank will last you for 12 hours. Of course, you can easily double the longevity of a tank if you decrease the heat settings.

But how long will the heater itself last? Let me tell you: For a very long time.

Because except for the fan that forces out the hot air, there are absolutely no moving parts in the heater. Meaning, that it is very unlikely to wear off.

Depending on how much you use the Mr. Heater torpedo heater, it can easily last you years, if not decades.

Safety Tips for using the Mr. Heater MH60QFAV

When it comes to safety, torpedo heaters are the riskiest heaters. The reason is not that propane is unsafe in general, but that it outputs tons of heat.

You absolutely should install a carbon monoxide monitor wherever you use it. The heater is generally safe to use. However, you should just make sure to avoid an accident.

Because of how physics works, burning oxygen always increases carbon monoxide concentration in a room. In garages, this is less likely to happen because they are usually better ventilated. But definitely go the safe route and prepare.

Better safe than sorry.

Also, don’t place the heater next to any inflammable objects. The heat that comes out at the front is really dangerous. Some torpedo heaters even output open flames.


Among all torpedo heaters, the Mr. Heater torpedo is by far my favorite. It is reliable, high-quality and is a perfect heat source for working in uninsulated rooms, such as garages, workshops or construction sites.

If you want to check whether there are other types of heaters that suit your purpose, check out our other recommended products.