What’s the Best Space Heater Brand?

There are hundreds of different space heater brands, ranging from Honeywell and Vornado to Dyson, DeLonghi, Dr. Infrared, and Mr Heater to many more.

If you’re looking to get your first space heater, all these choices can be confusing.

My goal with this article is to find out what the best space heater brand is.

Hi, I am Daniel, an electrical engineer and I’ve been writing about space heaters on heatertips.com for many years.

And after testing so many heaters over the years, I want to use this post to pick the single best space heater brand.

Let’s see if that’s even possible.

Quick answer: Dyson is the best overall space heater brand, due to its innovative features like air purification and air quality monitoring. If Dyson is too expensive, pick a Vornado for unique airflow technology, a DeLonghi for safety, or more budget-friendly options like Dreo, Honeywell, and Pelonis.

Best Space Heater Brand: Dyson

The heatertips.com best space heater brand award goes to Dyson!

I am very critical of Dyson heaters, especially because of their high price. But if I had to choose just one heater (not considering the cost), I’d pick a Dyson.

Dyson heaters are the most versatile space heaters. You can use them as fans in the summer, as heaters in the winter, and as air purifiers all year round.

In particular, I recommend the Dyson Hot+Cool HP07 (click here to view it on amazon).

It’s Dyson’s full package.

You get built-in

  • heating (with a thermostat, remote & app control, thermostat)
  • air purification (with a HEPA filter that absorbs 99.97% of particles down to 0.1 micrometers)
  • air quality monitoring
dyson hot and cool heater
Dyson Hot+Cool heaters are the overall best space heaters. They provide so much functionality. But the price is high!

But there are more great brands! Especially if you don’t care about these advanced features at all.

Let’s have a look at DeLonghi, Dreo, Vornado, and many more in the following sections!

Best Space Heater Brands by Category (Safest, Most Affordable, Best Quality, etc.)

Here’s a quick table listing all the space heater brands that won a category in the evaluation!

Later on, you’ll find (short) sections with specific heater recommendations from each brand!

CategoryBrand Name
Best OverallDyson
Most Innovative (Unique Engineering)Dyson
Best Affordability with Unique EngineeringVornado
Safest & Highest-Quality Oil-Filled RadiatorsDeLonghi
Best in Infrared HeatingDr Infrared
Best in Propane HeatingMr Heater
Best Ceramic HeaterHoneywell
Cheapest Oil-Filled RadiatorsPelonis

Full Evaluation: Finding out the Best Space Heater Brand

For this article, I am ignoring all the different branches of space heaters. We’re not looking at oil-filled radiators, propane heaters, or infrared heaters specifically.

Instead, we’re checking space heaters by categories.

Ideally, all heaters should be of

  • high material quality
  • high affordability (low cost)
  • very high safety
  • originality (an original & unique approach to engineering or design)

Here’s which brands come to mind. I’ll take all of them into account.

Candidate list:

  • Vornado
  • Dyson
  • DeLonghi
  • Mr Heater
  • Dr Infrared
  • Honeywell
  • Amazon Basics
  • Dyna Glo
  • Dreo
  • Lasko
  • Pelonis

I’ve written extensively about all of these space heater brands in the past. So, I know quite a bunch.

Let’s evaluate them all.

Which Space Heater Brands Provide Unique Engineering?

This is probably the most surprising section for most people. Why should I evaluate brands based on their unique features and ingenuous ideas?

Isn’t a safe, reliable, and high-quality heater good enough?

The answer is: Yes, it is.

But to be the best of the best, a space heater needs to stand out from the rest.

And unique engineering and special features really show that a space heater manufacturer invests in product development. They’re not just trying to make a heater as cheap as possible. They do their research.

As an engineer, I value engineering and research. So, I’ll use it as my first criterion.

And a couple of our candidates really stand out with their unique engineering.

Dyson: Air multiplier technology, unique design & air filtration

Dyson heaters are at the forefront of ingenious space heating. I’ve been writing about Dyson heaters a lot, especially since they come with a large price tag.

In one post, I evaluated all their marketing, especially Dyson’s energy efficiency, the air multiplier technology, and their price tag.

The result:

Dyson heaters are very expensive, and the marketing really goes overboard.

Judged by the technology alone, Dyson heaters are by far the best-engineered space heaters.

They come with so many built-in features, I hope I don’t miss anything:

  • Air Purification: Dyson heaters always filter the air using a HEPA filter. No other space heater does that.
  • Air Quality Monitoring: On top of that, Dyson heaters monitor air quality using a set of particle sensors. Again, that’s unique among space heaters.
  • Design: Dyson heaters just look nice.

Based on features alone, Dyson is easily the best brand for space heaters. But they are incredibly expensive. So, for most people who solely look for a reliable heater, Dyson is way too much.

It’s buying a Ferrari when your work is just a 5-minute walk around the block.

So, let’s have a look at other interesting space heaters:

Vornado: Unique vortex airflow technology at a low price point

Vornado space heaters are among the most frequently sold space heaters in the US. They claim to be more energy efficient than other space heaters due to the spiraling vortex airflow that can beam heat across the room and heat your space evenly.

I debunked some of their marketing statements in the article “Are Vornado Fans Worth It?”.

The vortex airflow, although it is an interesting idea, does not perform as advertises. Although the airflow is strong, it does not really heat better than a space heater that doesn’t use a built-in fan.

It’s mostly marketing. Still, Vornado heaters are very reliable and many people love them.

Their build quality is fair… It’s mostly plastic, however.

Vornado heaters are usually under $100. So, they are very affordable.

They are unique, but for me, they are not a candidate for the absolute best space heater brand.

vornado MVH vortex heater with box

Which Space Heater Brands Build High-Quality & Safe Products?

Let’s have a look at space heater brands that use high-quality materials and are, accordingly, very safe.

DeLonghi: The Safest Oil-Filled Radiators

DeLonghi produces the best oil-filled radiators. They are extraordinarily safe by design.

Nothing can beat an oil-filled radiator in terms of safety. And DeLonghi are unquestionably the best brand for oil-filled radiators.


Oil-filled radiators are the safest space heaters because they are full-metal devices. Their heating element is hidden inside the oil-filled heating body. So, oil-filled radiators don’t expose their heat source.

And, on top of that, they work without moving parts, meaning they don’t wear down over time and last for decades.

If you ask me, which space heater you can run overnight, I’d always recommend a DeLonghi oil-filled radiator.

Frequently I also recommend other brands such as Pelonis, because they are cheaper. Which is totally fine. But DeLonghi heaters are programmable and provide more safety features.

Since we’re looking at the best of the best in this article, DeLonghi is my candidate for the safest, highest-quality, and most durable space heater.

delonghi oil-filled radiator

Dr Infrared and Mr Heater: Wooden and metal casings

The only two other space heater brands that come close to delivering DeLonghi’s level of quality are Dr Infrared and Mr Heater.

Dr Infrared heaters are my favorite infrared heaters because they are very sturdy and have a wooden case. I like that. They can take a hit and won’t break immediately.

Mr Heater is the only brand in this list that produces only propane heaters. The Mr Heater Buddy models are my favorite propane heaters.

The large vented Big Maxx models are the best heaters for garages and other large spaces. They are full metal devices!

Since you’re probably looking for regular electric space heaters, I won’t consider Mr Heater propane heaters. They still deserve an honorable mention.

The Dr Infrared DR-968 is my favorite infrared heater!

Which Space Heater Brands Are Affordable?

All of the remaining brands are affordable: Dreo, Honeywell, Pelonis, and Amazon Basics.

Dreo: Affordable alternative to DeLonghi

Dreo produces regular ceramic space heaters and oil-filled radiators. And I’d say all are of good quality.

A Dreo space heater is always a good deal.

The best Dreo heater is this Dreo oil-filled radiator (click to view it on amazon) which is a very good alternative to the more expensive DeLonghi radiators.

Honeywell: Known for their 360° heaters

My favorite Honeywell space heaters are these Honeywell 360-degree heaters (click to view them on amazon).

They are highly portable, and I love their original look.

Additionally, they are much cheaper than other space heaters, while still providing the same heat output!

honeywell 360 degree ceramic heater
Honeywell space heaters are a good choice & very affordable!

Pelonis: The Cheapest Oil-filled Radiators

Pelonis space heaters get you the most bang for your buck if you’re looking for an oil-filled radiator.

I’ve crowned Pelonis my favorite oil-filled radiator!

They’re just under $100 currently.

Amazon Basics: As Cheap As Humanly Possible

You probably can’t get any cheaper than an Amazon basics space heater. But the only model that’s acceptable is this Amazon Basics ceramic heater (click to view it on amazon).

Please avoid other Amazon Basics heaters. They are cheap plastic devices that break easily.

Don’t get me wrong, they will heat your room. But they aren’t sturdy and won’t last.


Selecting the best space heater brand isn’t a straightforward task. After years of reviewing and evaluating a wide range of space heaters, I can confidently say that no one-size-fits-all solution exists.

However, if you’re in the market for a premium, versatile electric space heater, Dyson is the top pick. Their heaters excel in design, technology, and feature set – covering heating, air purification, and air quality monitoring.

For those who prioritize safety above all, DeLonghi’s oil-filled radiators are unrivaled. They’re robust, reliable, and extremely safe, making them ideal for long-term usage.

Budget-conscious buyers can look towards brands like Dreo, Honeywell, Pelonis, and Amazon Basics for affordable yet effective options. Just remember, you often get what you pay for.

In summary, the ‘best’ brand largely depends on what you’re looking for in a space heater – be it versatility, safety, or affordability. Keep your specific needs in mind, and you can’t go wrong.

Thank you for joining me on this in-depth look at space heater brands. I hope this analysis aids you in making an informed decision for your heating needs.