Are any Space Heaters made in the USA?

I’ve been looking for a space heater made in the USA for ages. I decided to put an end to it. In this article, we’re going to find out which space heaters are engineered, designed, or manufactured in the US.

Interestingly, the rabbit hole is deep. While many space heater companies started manufacturing in the US, their manufacturing plants often left the country due to globalization.

Quick answer: There are no space heaters that are 100% made in the USA, but some are engineered, designed, or assembled in the country. Brands like Vornado, Mr. Heater, and Lasko are American. My favorite American space heater is the Dr Infrared DR-968.

Which Space Heater Brands are American?

The best American-owned space heater brands are:

  • Vornado
  • Mr. Heater
  • Dr. Infrared
  • Lasko

Let’s have a look at where they manufacture.

Are they “Made in the USA”? And if not, where do they manufacture?

Let’s have a look at how those space heater companies operate. Where do they manufacture and how do they market their space heaters?

I am going to pick Dr Infrared as an example for investigation. Any of the other space American space heater brands probably use the same tricks.

Dr Infrared, for example, advertises

“USA Engineered – Designed & Engineered In USA, Laboratory Tested For Safety”.

Dr Infrared heaters

So, based on that sentence alone we learn that the design process is done in the US, while we don’t know anything about the testing and manufacturing locations.

I found this badge on one of Dr Infrared’s sales pages:

designed and serviced in the USA badge
“Designed & serviced in the USA”-badge from the Dr Infrared sales page with a US flag

They really try to force the impression of an American product.

But the reality is different. 

I was really stunned by this question someone asked on Amazon:

Q: Is it made in China?
A: Supposed to be made in the USA. If I recall, there was a big USA flag on the box.

a question on Dr Infrared on Amazon – answered wrongly

So, the psychological manipulation really works… Just because someone put a USA flag on the box doesn’t mean it’s made in there!

Instead, if you have a close look, the box says “Made in China”.

I found the same situation with Mr Heater.

And actually, all the remaining brands’ heaters are manufactured in China as well:

  • Vornado: Though an American company, their space heaters are “Made in China”
  • Mr. Heater: Based in Cleveland, Ohio, but “Made in China”
  • Dr. Infrared: The design is American, but is “Made in China”
  • Lasko: Has manufacturing plants in the U.S., China, and Taiwan.

Made in China does not mean bad

American brands often meet rigorous quality control and safety standards. However, quality and innovation are not exclusive to American-made products.

So, although all of the popular American space heater companies manufacture in China, they don’t automatically produce inferior products.

Manufacturing in China can go very well for a company if they still have good quality control in place.

For example, a space heater is objectively good if it fulfills Underwriters Labroratories (UL) testing standards, regardless of where it’s manufactured.

It doesn’t matter where a space heater is produced as long as it meets certain quality and safety criteria.

Many international space heaters earn the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification and may also comply with U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR program.

Therefore, many overseas brands meet or even exceed American testing standards.

mr heater space heater made in china
The backside of my Mr Heater Buddy propane heater where the “Made in China” label is printed on: Mr Heater Buddy heaters are among the safest propane heaters. As American-branded heaters, they are still manufactured in China.

Which overseas brands produce good quality space heaters?

There are also several high-quality space heater brands from outside the US. And I don’t mean cheap Southeast Asian brands, but rather well-engineered brands that meet or even exceed American quality.

The best overseas space heater brands are:

When Can a Company Call a Space Heater “Made in the USA”?

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), for a product to be called “Made in USA,” it must be “all or virtually all” made in the United States. This includes not only the final assembly but also the origin of the components.

Since no company manufactures 100% of the parts in the US, no company can put the “Made in the USA” label on their heaters.

Some parts, such as wires, gas hoses, and electronics are simply cheaper to mass-produce overseas.

This doesn’t make the product any less American.

It is just not “Made in the USA” by law.

Similarly, if you eat a BigMac anywhere in the world, it’s still an American product. It’s just not made in the USA.

Still, the idea is American, the quality is American, and it looks American. 

Recommended American Space Heater: Dr. Infrared DR-968

My favorite American space heater is this Dr Infrared DR-968 infrared heater (click here to view it on amazon).

The Dr Infrared DR-968 is durable, solid, and well-built. It fulfills the American UL standard and you get customer support with servicing in the US.

American Engineering

This unit is designed and engineered in the USA, adhering to strict quality controls.

While the production is overseas, the design, and quality of this product are all-American. And, of course, all profits go to an American-owned company.

Fulfills the American & Canadian UL safety standard

Rest easy, as the DR-968 is listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in both the U.S. and Canada.

It comes equipped with built-in Overheat and Tip-Over Protection, along with a 12-hour automatic shut-off timer.

UL certification badge
The UL certification badge.

Backed by Exceptional Warranty and Support

The Dr. Infrared DR-968 doesn’t just come with promises, it comes with an exceptional 3-year limited warranty.

To top it off, customer support and servicing are readily available, with a U.S.-based address for your convenience.

Where to Buy

Earlier I linked the Amazon sales page of the Dr Infrared DR-968. But oftentimes you can get Dr Infrared heaters in hardware stores or even used on US online marketplaces (ebay, craigslist or facebook marketplace).

Conclusion: How American are American Space Heaters?

“Made in the USA” is a complicated term in today’s global economy. 

Many brands, like Vornado, Mr. Heater, Dr. Infrared, and Lasko, design & engineer their products in America.

Yet, they leverage international manufacturing to keep production costs down.

This does not necessarily compromise quality; it’s a byproduct of the interconnected world we live in.

These brands meet American quality and safety standards, often through the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certification

 Therefore, whether “Made in China” or designed in the U.S., what really matters is the quality, safety, and performance of the product.

My top recommendation for an American space heater is the Dr. Infrared DR-968. But all of the companies we checked in this article produce great quality space heaters.

So, feel free to get any space heater you like.