Best Swamp Cooler: My Top Pick

swamp cooler hessaire

You’ve seen me talk a lot about the Hessaire MC37M. Whether it’s on the list of top swamp coolers for garages or in our swamp cooler vs air conditioner comparison, the MC37M stands out. But why? Quick answer: The best swamp cooler is the Hessaire MC37M. It is robust, has more than enough power to … Read more

Do Swamp Coolers need open windows?

swamp cooler for garages

Ever wondered if you need to leave your windows open for your swamp cooler to work effectively? The answer is no. Quick answer: No, swamp coolers do not need open windows to operate effectively. For optimal performance and energy efficiency, it’s better to keep windows closed and control the indoor humidity through regular venting. In … Read more

Does putting ice in a Swamp Cooler make sense?

Does putting ice in a swamp cooler make sense? Hardly. It definitely skyrockets your swamp cooler running costs.  Quick answer: Putting ice in a swamp cooler doesn’t make sense. The addition of ice doesn’t significantly enhance cooling, it increases energy consumption and cost, and ice melts rapidly in the cooler’s environment. Moreover, the design of … Read more

Can you run a Swamp Cooler without water?

swamp cooler wet water pads

Do you need to refill a swamp cooler or can you run it without water? In this article, we’re checking how a swamp cooler uses water to cool and what happens once it runs dry. Contrary to popular belief you can run a swamp cooler without water! And in extreme situations, you can even refill … Read more

Swamp Cooler vs Air Conditioner (Cost comparison)

Swamp cooler vs air conditioner. What’s the better choice for you? In this article, I am comparing swamp coolers and air conditioners  The focus here is to provide you with an objective comparison. For every comparison, I am providing numbers and indisputable facts. After reading through all the sections, you will know whether a swamp … Read more