Diesel Heater Fuel Gelling: 4 Fixes

diesel fuel gelling

When it’s getting cold, the diesel in diesel heaters tends to gel up, which, in turn prevents your diesel heater from working properly. Ideally, the diesel in your heater should always be a liquid. In this article, we’ll have a look at 4 simple ways to prevent diesel gelling in your diesel heater when it’s … Read more

Diesel Heater E10 Error Code (3 Causes and Fixes)

Diesel heaters are quite complex. Faults can be anywhere in the fuel pump, the blower, the glow plug, or the electric supply. So, when your diesel heater shows an E10 error code without any context, you usually have no idea where to start looking. This article serves as a reference for the E10 error on … Read more

Diesel Heater Not Getting Hot (12 Fixes)

diesel heater hot air exhaust

The single major disadvantage of diesel heaters is, in my opinion, that they contain too many different parts: When your diesel heater is not getting hot / not blowing hot air, the issue can be practically anywhere. It can be the fuel pump, electronic controls, the car battery, the atomizer, the combustion chamber, anything. This … Read more

Diesel vs Propane Heater: Which To Pick? (5 Differences)

diesel vs propane heater

Have a look at the vast amount of different diesel and propane heaters you can buy. It’s insane. And if you’re someone who has never used either of them, you’re probably wondering what’s even different. Of course, as their names suggest, diesel heaters use diesel, and propane heaters use propane. That’s obvious. But the technical … Read more

4 Best Child-Safe Heaters

vornadobaby tempa child-safe lockable space heater

Some space heaters are made specifically for families with children. However, most of these “child-safe space heaters” are actually regular space heaters that are designed to look child-safe. But inherently, there’s nothing that makes them safer than space heaters for adults. I really dislike the marketing scheme here. Just designing a dangerous device to look … Read more