How to use a Dyson Hot + Cool without the Remote

Did you end up trying to turn your Dyson heater on, or change temperature settings, but apparently the remote doesn’t react? Or did you lose your Dyson remote control?

Then, you’re in the right place!

My name is Daniel, I am an electrical engineer, and I’ve been writing about Dyson products for quite a while. 

This is a quick guide on how to control a Dyson Hot + Cool without the remote.

Also, we’re going to cover how to fix your remote not working, or in case you lost it, how to replace your remote.

There are two possible reasons for you having to control your Dyson fan without a remote.

Either your remote control stopped working. Or you lost it. In any case, the easiest solution is to just get a new Dyson Hot + Cool remote.

Quick answer: You can control your Dyson Hot + Cool without a remote by pressing and holding the standby button on the device. Your Dyson then cycles through the different temperatures until you release it. Long-term this is time-consuming, so you should get a replacement remote soon.

There are 3 things to do when your Dyson Hot + Cool is not working:

  • If you lost your Dyson remote, buy a replacement remote.
  • If your Dyson remote is not working, try replacing the battery.
  • Until the problem is sorted out, control your Dyson without a remote.

We’re going to cover all these aspects in this post. So, let’s start with getting a replacement remote control in case you lost your remote:

Replacing a Lost or Non-Working Remote

To control your Dyson Hot + Cool, you don’t need the original remote.

The easiest way to control your Dyson Hot + Cool again is to buy a replacement remote.

Of course, you can control your Dyson Hot + Cool using the button on the device (as explained later in this article), but that’s a hassle to do long-term.

So, sooner or later, you will need a replacement remote.

I recommend getting this replacement remote for all Dyson Hot + Cool heaters (click here to view it on amazon).

On the product page, select the right remote control for your Dyson Hot + Cool model.

Or, alternatively, use the following model-specific links:

These replacement controls all work without programming or synchronizing with your Dyson heater fan.

How to control a Dyson Hot + Cool using the Standby button (without a remote)

While you’re waiting for your replacement remote control to arrive, you are limited to turning the heater on and off, and adjusting temperature.

Here’s how:

For each of the following settings, you have to use the standby ON/OFF button on the bottom part of your Dyson fan (below the target temperature display).

  • Turn ON: Push the button once.
  • Turn OFF: Push the button again.
  • Adjust the temperature: Press and hold the button. The target temperature cycles from 0°C up to 37°C and then back down.
    So, to lower the temperature, you have to wait for the target temperature to pass 37°C.
  • Switch to Cooling mode: Press and hold the button until the temperature decreases below 0°C. Release the button once the red indicator light ring around the button turns blue. 
dyson hot cool standby button

What you can’t control without a remote

Without a remote control, you can’t set fan speed and oscillation.

To set airspeed and oscillation, you need either the original Dyson remote or one of the replacement remotes recommended earlier.

Troubleshooting: How to fix a Dyson remote not working

If you still have your Dyson Hot + Cool remote, but it isn’t working, likely something is wrong with it.

Here are the most common problems with Dyson remotes:

1. Battery needs replacement

The most likely reason for your Dyson remote not working is an empty battery.

How to check it: You can verify that your Dyson remote control is empty by pointing the top side (where the signal comes out) at your phone’s camera.

Open the camera app and press buttons on the remote. You should see the (normally invisible) infrared light lighting up and blinking if the batteries are full.

If you don’t see any signal coming from your Dyson remote, its battery is empty.

How to fix it: To fix it, you have to open your Dyson remote, take out the original battery and replace it.

Make sure to use a properly sized screwdriver to avoid damaging the screw.

Dyson originally uses these Panasonic CR 2032 3V replacement batteries (click to view them on amazon).

2. Signal emitter blocked

The top part of your Dyson remote control contains a “signal emitter”. That’s a component that sends the commands from your remote to your Dyson fan.

How to check it: Check the signal emitter and check that it’s clean. For example, someone could have taped over it. Or there might be dirt on it.

You can use the smartphone camera test from the previous section to check whether you can see a signal.

How to fix it: Ensure that all sides of your Dyson control are clean. Especially the top side, which emits the signal, can’t have any obstructions. You can use glasses cleaning wipes or rubbing alcohol to thoroughly clean your Dyson remote.

3. Dyson fan broken

Another possible reason for your Dyson remote not working is that the Dyson Hot + Cool fan itself is not working.

How to check it: Try turning on your Dyson Hot + Cool without the remote using just the Standby button.

If it doesn’t turn on by pressing the Standby button, your Dyson heater is broken.

How to fix it: Possible reasons for your Dyson heater not working are a powerless wall outlet, a broken extension cord, or clogged filters or air inlet holes.

Have a look at this article: How to fix a Dyson heater not turning on

4. Dyson fan not oscillating

And yet another potential issue with Dyson fans is when they are not rotating. So, even if you try to set oscillation via the remote control, your fan doesn’t oscillate.

Unfortunately you can’t set oscillation via the standby button.

But if rotation is not working, this does not necessarily mean that your remote isn’t working.

How to check it: Check whether your remote can turn the heater on and off. If that works, the problem is not in the remote.

How to fix it: Possibly there is tape on the split section or your Dyson fan is not properly assembled. Have a look at this article on how to fix a Dyson heater not rotating.


Being without the remote for your Dyson Hot + Cool can be inconvenient, but as we’ve outlined, it’s not impossible to still control the device.

The standby button offers a temporary solution, allowing you to manage the basic functionalities of turning on and off the device and adjusting the temperature.

However, to fully experience all the features of your Dyson Hot + Cool, you need a remote.

Whether you’ve lost your original remote or it has stopped working, replacement options are readily available.

It’s straightforward to buy a replacement remote or replacement batteries.

If your remote is malfunctioning, common issues such as depleted batteries or blocked signal emitters can often be resolved with simple troubleshooting.

In the end, while the standby button is a helpful interim solution, securing a fully functional remote will ensure you get the most out of your Dyson Hot + Cool device.