4 Best Child-Safe Heaters

vornadobaby tempa child-safe lockable space heater

Some space heaters are made specifically for families with children. However, most of these “child-safe space heaters” are actually regular space heaters that are designed to look child-safe. But inherently, there’s nothing that makes them safer than space heaters for adults. I really dislike the marketing scheme here. Just designing a dangerous device to look … Read more

Dyson F4 Error Code: How To Fix It

dyson f4 error code

Encountering the F4 error on your Dyson appliance can be a cause for concern, but it’s often a problem you can solve yourself. This guide will provide you with a clear understanding of what the F4 error means for different Dyson models and the steps you can take to fix it. Quick answer: If your … Read more

Space Heater or Hot Water Bottle? (9 Differences)

space heater and hot water bottle

I’ve been writing articles for this website for over 4 years now, spending hours and hours explaining space heaters and how to use them effectively. All the while resting both feet against a hot water bottle lying on the floor, under my desk. And one thought just popped up in my mind: Am I a … Read more

Best Car Camping Heaters for Winter

mr heater buddy propane heater on car seat

I’ve spent countless nights in my car. This article is all about the best car camping heaters, found in years of trial and error. One thing I learned is: You can make any night comfortable & warm with the right preparation, even without much special gear. Or … to be honest … almost any night. … Read more

How to Heat a Van in Winter


Hi all. First off, I want to say, I am absolutely no van expert since I don’t possess one myself. But I spent several nights in really cold environments, sleeping in an unheated car, sleeping outside on a freezing parking lot in mid-winter in the alps, and I even spent nights off-grid above 15,000 feet … Read more