Blueair Blue 211+ Review: Is It Worth It?

blueair blue pure 211 angled view

The Blueair Blue 211+ is the largest air purifier in Blueair’s Blue series. But does its size benefit you? Or are smaller models such as the 311 or 411 just as good? Also, how does the Blueair Blue keep up with its competition? Blueair fiercely competes with Levoit and Coway, two of the most popular … Read more

5 Best Air Purifiers for Small Rooms

air purifiers levoit blueair cowa

What are the best air purifiers for small rooms? In this post, we’re going to check out air purifiers, for small rooms. And one interesting question we’re going to answer is: Do you even need a small air purifier for a small room? The answer is absolutely counterintuitive. And, as an electrical engineer, it is … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Need Water?

do air purifiers need water

Do air purifiers need water? And do you have to replace water regularly? Do you need to put in any maintenance work? This quick post is going to answer all of that. Luckily, it’s very simple: Quick answer: No, most air purifiers never need water. Air purifiers pass air through a dry HEPA filter, which … Read more

Nuwave OxyPure Review: Exceptional Filtration, Poor Monitoring

nuwave oxypure air purifier

The Nuwave OxyPure is one of the best-selling large air purifiers online. It’s time I put my hands on it and review it! When I look for an in-depth Nuwave OxyPure review, I am surprised there is so little actual insight available. I mean there is plenty of information. But everybody just tries to sell … Read more

Dyson Big+Quiet Review: High Price, High Performance?

dyson big quiet air purifier standing in corner of room

Dyson recently launched the Big+Quiet air purifier. I found out yesterday, after writing about whether Dyson air purifiers are worth the money. Normally, as an HVAC blogger and electrical engineer, I get to know all new products on the market quickly. But the Big+Quiet entered the stage, as its name suggests, quietly. I guess the … Read more